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How Can You Get Grey Cluster in Wartales?

Grey Cluster isn't hard to find when you know where to look!
Wartales Grey Cluster
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In your search for fame and riches in Wartales you will be doing a lot of fighting but a lot of digging as well. Some materials, ores, and special items won’t just fall into your hands by chance. Instead, you will need to look for them in specific places.

A special and rare ore that many players have struggled with is the Grey Cluster. Its most important use is for crafting Rimesteel, an uncommon item required for some T2 weapons. Read on to find out how to increase your chances of finding this rare ore and progressing through Wartales without this pebble in your shoe.

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Where Can You Find Grey Cluster in Wartales?

Grey Cluster is an ore that can be obtained in a couple of ways while playing Wartales. You can either mine them from Iron mines with a high-level miner, get them from isolated deposits found by the mountains, mine near the Arthes Tomb of the Ancients, or buy from the merchants when you’re lucky enough to bump into one that has them. Even though merchants’ goods aren’t always the same and are randomly distributed each time you talk to them, it’s safe to say that Gold Caravan merchants have the highest chance of having Grey Cluster in their inventory.

You might run into Grey Cluster somewhere in the wild or get it as a boss drop but we wouldn’t count on that since the chances of that happening are pretty slim. If you focus on our abovementioned tips you will maximize your likelihood of getting this precious ore.

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