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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Character Builds

Create a build that will be powerful yet entertaining.

Hogwarts Legacy owes a lot of its rich story and action-packed gameplay to the versatile character builds that you can create on your own and use to fight through the game. Naturally, when faced with many choices, people will often spend hours deciding what talents they should pick and what their character development needs to look like.

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Luckily for everybody, we have decided to present the best builds for each type of player. These builds will make you an unstoppable wizard/witch.

Guide for Best Character Builds in Hogwarts Legacy

As you probably know, the Hogwarts Legacy Talent system has more talents than you can choose during the game, meaning you don’t get to have them all. Instead, you need to choose a perfect combination for yourself and the combo of talents and spells you decide to play with will shape how your combats and main quests get resolved.

There are 40 levels in the game, and you get to pick a new Talent for each level from level 5, meaning you will have 35 Talents in total.

The General Build

We’ll start off with a general build that might come to most players by surprise, but even those talents that you are most likely inclined to take, need a guide.

The General build will revolve around these 3 spells:

  1. Glacious/Arresto Momentum/Stupefy
  2. Levioso/Accio
  3. Descendo

The combat combo will rely on you stunning the enemies with one of the three spells under the first number, lifting them in the air with either Levioso or Accio, and then slamming them to the ground with Descendo. The basis for this build can be acquired quite early on and with time you can make it more devastating because some of these spells like Levioso become AoE spells instead of a single-target.

Talent must-haves will be the ones leaning on this build which means Glacious Mastery and Stupify Expertise. Furthermore, grab Protego Expertise and Protego Knowledge for blocking and counter-attacking and Spell Knowledge (1,2, and 3) for added spell sets so you can switch those spell diamonds quickly and use as many spells as you want in combat.

In regards to traits you should go for, we advise Protego Shielding and Goblin-Silver Resistance for tankiness with the addition of Control and Disarming for upgrading your offensive abilities.

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The Dark Arts Build

If you wish to go for the dark side of the wizardry world and perform Unforgivable Curses this is the right build for you. The first and easiest thing to do here is to go for all 14 Dark Arts Talents. Overall, they allow for cursing a lot of enemies at once and dealing increased damage once they are cursed. A combo of Stunning Curse, Enduring Curse, and Avada Kedavra Mastery will be the winner here.

Stupify spell, empowered by Stunning Curse, will curse enemies and make them take increased damage. Curse more enemies with longer-lasting curses that Enduring Curse provides and finish once off with Avada Kedavra to make them all blow up (the courtesy of Avada Kedavra Mastery).

A trait that will lean perfectly on the abovementioned combo will be the Unforgivable III which greatly increases damage dealt to cursed enemies.

Working around increased curse time and damage taken during curse can assist you in killing even the strongest bosses without much trouble.

The Potions and Plants Master Build

Focusing to become a master of potions and plants won’t be the easiest build out there but it can definitely work if you are a dedicated player and in love with summoning units in other RPGs. Herbology III is a must-have in this build that will rely on your plants just hitting away at enemies so make sure you don’t miss out on it.

A combination of Edurus Potion Potency talent and Protego spell will render you immune to incoming damage since both make you invulnerable to damage and deflect projectiles back at enemies. Further, use Noxious talent and get a hold of some Venomous Tentacula to throw at your enemies. You will deal massive poison damage and will simultaneously break their shields which leaves them open to some of your spell attacks as well.

Make use of all Stunning talents – Stunning Expertise, Stunning Mastery, and Stunning Curse talents and utilize control spells. Accio, Levioso, and even Arresto Momentum will be ideal for you to control crowds or individual bosses while plants beat them to death.

The Master of Stealth Build

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy offers a pretty good stealth build for anyone who likes avoiding unnecessary fights and completing quests in the most efficient way possible. Stealth build, when done right, will allow you to dash out severe damage that will be more than enough to one-shot many enemies.

For this build, you will need a Disillusionment spell that allows you to blend in with the surroundings and pass unnoticed. Add Sense of Secrecy talent that increases your blending in skill and Human Demiguise talent that will allow you to sprint during this invisibility period and you will be like boosted Harry Potter under the Cloak of Invisibility.

Ambush traits increase the damage done while concealed with Disillusionment and this is where you will be creating your build. Your main strategy will rely on you sneaking past enemies and surprise attacking them with devastating spells. One of the best spells to utilize here would be Petrificus Totalus that can be further buffed with its own dedicated trait called Binding.

We hope you enjoyed our guide. Find more helpful info on Hogwarts Legacy in our articles on how to find Moonstones and all locations of Demiguises. Give Gamer Journalist a like on Facebook and read more exciting articles on upcoming releases.

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