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Halo Infinite Forge of Teash Collectible Locations

Halo Infinite Forge of Teash Collectible Locations

While previous Halo games have been primarily linear in design, those linear levels have always had secret collectibles available for the insatiably curious. Thorough searches could reveal bonus skulls and hidden weapons caches. With Halo Infinite’s leap to the open world, it only makes sense that the search for collectibles would cross over as well. Here are the collectible locations for the Forge of Teash in Halo Infinite.

The Forge of Teash has five collectibles to uncover:

  • One Spartan Core
  • Two UNSC Audio Logs
  • Two Banished Audio Logs

While it’s not necessarily required, it’d probably be easier to wait to hunt collectibles until after you’ve completed the mission and cleared out any foes.

Halo Infinite Forge of Teash Collectible Locations

Spartan Core

Find the big building on top of a hill, made distinctive thanks to the crane attached to it. Inside the building is a ramp leading one floor up, at the top of which is your Spartan Core.

UNSC Audio Log #1

At the very back of the area, use your grapple to climb up the cliffs. There’s a building nearby you can grapple off of. Follow the cliffside leftwards until you come across a small tunnel, inside which is a derelict soldier camp and the audio log.

UNSC Audio Log #2

Go to the forge in the southernmost part of the area and grapple up onto the nearby cliffs. You’ll find the audio log sitting on the ground on the cliff overlooking the forge you just came from.

Banished Audio Log #1

In the same crane building you found the Spartan Core in, search around the bottom of the ramp climbed before. The log will be propped up against a small pillar near the building entrance.

Banished Audio Log #2

Once again at the back of the forge, enter the large building on top of the hill to find a pathway leading underground. Follow that path to its bottom, and you’ll find the audio log resting against some crates.

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