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Guardian Tales Codes (October 2023)

Get the latest Guardian Tales codes and redeem your free in-game items!
Guardian Tales codes

Guardian Tales is a mobile gacha game with unique manual arena gameplay and tons of fun and addicting PvE elements. There are tons of puzzles and quests to keep you entertained and lots of generous events offering in-game currency. Additionally, various Guardian Tales codes release regularly, offering free Gems and other items.

The developers release new Guardian Tales codes to celebrate promotional events and during content updates. It’s also common for them to give some away when they feel generous to their dedicated players. Codes normally give things like Gems, Hammers, and sometimes even Coffee. Be sure not to abuse the codes and only use them once, or you could face punishment by the developers!

All Guardian Tales Codes

Last Checked: June 29, 2022.

Active codes:

  • There are no active codes!!

Expired codes:

  • EMERALDPALACE – Redeem this code for rewards (New)
  • DEMONSBLOOD – Redeem this code for rewards (New)
  • XELLOS – Redeem this code for rewards (New)
  • BINGO – Redeem this code for rewards (New)
  • COLLABORATION – Redeem this code for rewards
  • LINAINVERSE123 – Redeem this code for rewards
  • GOURRYFORFREE – Redeem this code for rewards
  • SLAYERSNEXT – Redeem this code for rewards
  • ALLWEWANT – Redeem this code for 3 Awakening Dungeon Boxes
  • FORXMAS – Redeem this code for 600 Gems
  • ARECOUPONS – Redeem this code for 20 Blank Blueprints
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS – Redeem this code for 100 Stamina
  • thiswash4lloween – Redeem this code for a reward
  • pr1sonbr3ak – Redeem this code for a reward
  • 1ntermission – Redeem this code for a reward
  • druidk4nna – Redeem this code for a reward
  • WARLORD – Redeem this code for 1 Awakening Stone Chest
  • SUCCUBUZZ – Redeem this code for 50 Stamina
  • SHENMOUNTAIN – Redeem this code for 300 Gems
  • ARCHENEMY – Redeem this code for 12 Blank Blueprints
  • playworld13 – Redeem this code for 500 Gems
  • BARI – 10 Legendary
  • INVADER – 1,000 Gems
  • RANPANG – 5 Hammers
  • TEATAN – 5 Hammers
  • HEAVENHOLD – 300 Coffee
  • DUNGEON – 5 Hammers
  • ANDROID – 10 Awk Boxes
  • YUZE – 200K Gold
  • Guardian123 – 100 Coffee
  • Tales456 – 5 Hammers
Guardian Tales Code

How to redeem codes for Guardian Tales

The process of redeeming Guardian Tales coupon codes depends on which operating system you use to play the game. Follow the proper steps below for your device.


  1. Launch Guardian Tales
  2. Tap on the cogwheel on the top-right
  3. Open the account settings
  4. Go to the coupon code option
  5. Enter a working code and then tap confirm


  1. Open the Guardian Tales code redeem page
  2. Select the proper region
  3. Input your account ID
  4. Enter a code and tap on submit
  5. Check your in-game mailbox

That’s all there is to it. We do our best to keep the list up-to-date and free for you to browse! If you find this post helpful, make sure to bookmark it, and please let us know if you find additional working codes at any time.

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