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GTA Online celebrates April 20 with exclusive gifts and bonuses

Rockstar Games celebrates the April 20 holiday in GTA Online with a few 4/20-inspired gifts and bonuses for players. Head on over to Ammu-Nation, Binco, Ponsonby’s, or Suburban to pick up some of the in-game goodies. You’ll also receive a few things just for playing the game, including a free Vapers Den Tee. Here’s a look at all of the GTA Online 4/20 gifts and bonuses.

GTA Online 4/20 Gifts and Bonuses

  • The Vapers Den Tee
  • White and Black Rockstar Camo Shirt
  • High Flyer Parachute Bag
  • Green Space Horror Suit
  • X-Ray Emissive Mask
  • Green Tire Smoke
  • Additional profit from Cayo Perico

White and Black Rockstar Camo, Fake Vapid, Vapers Den T-shirts

Players can pick up the white and black Rockstar camo t-shirt along with the $4.20 Fake Vapid t-shirt just for playing. Additionally, the Vapers Den t-shirt was available earlier in the week, and players who claimed it will receive a special aged version.

High Flyer Parachute Bag

Image via Rockstar Games

Pick up the extraordinarily rare High Flyer Parachute Bag from visiting the Ammu-Nation store in-game.

Green Space Horror Suit

Image via Rockstar Games

Hit up Binco, Ponsonby’s, or Suburban to snag the Green Space Horror Suit. You can also head on over to the LS Customs shop for a free Green Tire Smoke bonus.

X-Ray Emissive Mask

Image via Rockstar Games

Playing GTA Online at any point this week will grant you the Vapers Den previously mentioned tee, along with the X-Ray Emissive Mask shown above. All you have to do is log in before April 21 to get them both.

Additionally, Rockstar mentioned in their post that the black market is on the up and up. Prices for contraband are higher than ever, and you can ride the wave by completing the Biker Business Sales for double the reward. RC Bandito Races are also paying out twice as much money and RP for the next seven days. Lastly, you’ll earn double for all the green you can fit in your loot bag by visiting Cayo Perico.

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