Good Pizza, Great Pizza Homeless Man Walkthrough

Ever wondered how does the story end with the homeless men?
Homeless man Walkthrough Good Pizza, Great Pizza
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You will encounter two homeless men while playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza. The first one is simply called Buddy, and the second one is Rufus Goldworthy.

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It might not be obvious from the first encounter with these homeless men, but talking and interacting with them will put you on a side mission of sorts that can pay off in the long run if you know how to play it right. Keep reading to see the complete walkthrough for these two awesome guys.

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza First Homeless Man Walkthrough (Buddy)

Buddy will appear in Chapter 1, and if you complete his storyline altogether in that chapter, he will show up shortly in Chapter 2. Keep in mind that you have to accept all of Buddy’s requests if you want to complete his side story. See our step-by-step walkthrough below to know what awaits you:

  1. When Buddy first arrives at your store, he will ask for free pizza. He will do this around 5 or 6 times, and you can make him any pizza every time. He will be really grateful, and with time, he will start calling you his friend and buddy.
  2. After you’ve fed him enough times, you’ll see a Pizza News Network report of a homeless man feeding pizza to bears. After this, Buddy will come to your pizzeria, mentioning that he has some big plans for the future and that your pizza shop will be number one. He doesn’t give out any specifics, but once again, he is asking you for a free pizza.
  3. A few days after this, Buddy comes to your shop just to inform you that he helped you, not asking for pizza. Pizza News Network reports that some bears are missing from a local zoo. You can see some bears running across the street in front of Alicante’s shop.
  4. After a while, Alicante comes around to your shop visibly hurt and says that his pizzeria is filled with bears and that he gives up. Not long after, Buddy arrives at your shop saying that the bears sold Alicante’s shop and that he wants to give you part of the profits.

Note: It might happen that some of these encounters differ a bit for you. However, we believe that in most cases, it will go down exactly as we described.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Second Homeless Man Walkthrough (Rufus Goldworthy)

Rufus Goldworthy’s story will span Chapters 1, 2, and 3. As with the first homeless man, Buddy, here, too, you will need to accept all his requests when he arrives to unlock and complete his whole storyline. Rufus’s story is much more interesting to me than Buddy’s, so check out the full walkthrough below if you want to know the details.

  1. Rufus will come by your shop approximately 2 or 3 times, saying that he’s in a bad place right now and asking for food. You can make him any pizza. After you’ve fed him a couple of times, he will come to your pizza shop saying that things are looking up and that he wants to repay you for your help. He gives you some money without further comments and leaves.
  2. After a while, Rufus will come back, asking for another free pizza. This time, he says it’s not for him but for research that will help him start an app. You can make him any pizza. He then comes back to let you know that he’s hit a breakthrough in his app development and asks you for a $100 donation.
  3. The homeless man comes back to your shop saying that his venture with the app didn’t go well and gives you back half of your donation ($50), promising to repay the full amount in the future. You can tell him to keep the money, and he’ll be grateful.
  4. Some time will pass, and Rufus will come back to ask for another financial help from you. This time, he says that his idea for a delivery app is golden, and he only needs $150 from you to kickstart it.
  5. Rufus Goldworthy is now worthy of his last name as he returns as a smart-looking CEO of his new app. He thanks you for all your help and gives you a big payout. His success is visible even on the Pizza News Network, where they talk about his story.
  6. A courier for Goldworthy’s app, ZAZoom, will come to your pizzeria saying that he sent a gift for you. The gift is a pizza warmer that will allow you to take orders from their app and fulfill their takeaway orders.

We hope these walkthroughs were helpful for your Good Pizza, Great Pizza adventure. Keep reading about the game in our articles Breakfast Pizza Recipe in Good Pizza Great Pizza and How to Make Carbonara Pizza in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

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