Will There Be a 2024 Valentine’s Event in Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

Will love come into the pizza shop this year?
good pizza, great pizza valentine's day
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Valentine’s Day is coming, and many ovensists are rightfully wondering whether the game will receive an event for this year’s love holiday.

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In 2023, Good Pizza, Great Pizza had an exciting event with interesting challenges, exciting awards, and a completely innovative story. So, the bar is definitely set high for any future events. Dive in and see what you can expect from Good Pizza, Great Pizza in February this year.

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Is There Going to Be a 2024 Valentine’s Day Event in Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

Yes, Good Pizza, Great Pizza developers confirmed that the game will have a 2024 Valentine’s Day event. The Happily Ever After Event, as they called it, will span from February 7, 12 AM (your local time) to February 20, 2024.

The official account of Good Pizza, Great Pizza released a teaser for this event, hinting that the story of this year’s Valentine’s Day event will revolve around you catering a wedding for characters Kevin and Flora. They also noted some of the requirements for you to play this event:

  • Game data past Day 8
  • Game version 5.5.0
  • Devices with Android 6 or above or iOS 13 or above
  • Stable internet connection

I am curious to see what ingredients, decorations, etc. will arrive with this event and will update the article when there is new information. Judging by the previous Good Pizza, Great Pizza events I predict that it will be quite exciting and will bring many casual players of the game back for the duration.

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