What Is Alicante’s Favorite Pizza in Good Pizza Great Pizza?

Don't let Alicante be hungry.
Alicante's pizza Good pizza great pizza
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At one point during the Chapter 5 investigation, you’ll need to provide your competitor Alicante with his favorite pizza. He doesn’t give out much more information, so that makes his task that much harder.

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Luckily, we’ve cracked the code and know exactly which pizza is his favorite. Keep reading to find out how to fulfill this order and continue your investigation into Alicante’s shop.

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Recipe for Alicante’s Favorite Pizza in Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Alicante’s favorite pizza is classic meat pizza – Tomato Sauce + Cheese + Pepperoni + Sausage. The game mentions that his favorite pizza is also his mom’s favorite pizza, and if you played Mother’s Day Event, you’ll know that his mom, Valentina, likes classic meat pizza.

When you are aware of his favorite pizza, you just need to sit tight and wait for him to come to your shop and ask for it. Alternatively, you can call him to come if you want to resolve this quest as soon as possible.


There are two achievements you can unlock here. The first one, “A Curious Ovenist,” will be rewarded if you find out all the facts about Alicante from Flash. You will get the second one, “The Snoop Bear,” if you find all the items in Alicante’s shop. Both will reward you with one pizza gem.

We hope our article helped you clear yet another quest. For more helpful info about Good Pizza, Great Pizza, see our articles, Breakfast Pizza Recipe in Good Pizza Great Pizza and Good Pizza Great Pizza Nic’s Special Pizza Recipe.

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