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How to Store Food in Going Medieval

How to Store Food in Going Medieval

I have no idea how people stored food before the age of sealed, refrigerated containers. I’m guessing it took a lot of trial and error, since leaving a bunch of produce in a heap on the ground is a great way to attract flies and not much else. Well, however they did it, I guess now’s a good time to figure it out. Here’s how to store food in Going Medieval.

How to Store Food in Going Medieval

To store food in Going Medieval, the first thing you need to do if you’re looking to keep any food long-term is to build a designated storage space. Both produce and meat spoil very quickly if they’re left out in the open, so a designated storage space is necessary to protect it all from the elements. Technically speaking, you can build a food store anywhere you want by using the stockpile option from the zone menu. The problem with just building a little house, though, is that the ambient temperatures will cause the food to spoil just as quickly, stored or not. The solution is to store it all somewhere nice and cool.

Since refrigerators are out of the question, the next best thing is to build your food stores underground. Building underground will keep your stockpiles dry, fresh, and cool. They’ll still have a limited shelf life, but a much longer one than if you just left them out.

To build an underground storage, you’ll first need to have an underground area. Press the N key to go into mining mode and highlight an area for your villagers to dig a small mine. When they’re done digging, add walls and a roof to completely seal the storage up (aside from stairs and a door so you can get at it, obviously).

Storing food underground will make it last much longer, even more so if you invest the resources to create a distillery and smoker. Regular meat spoils fast, but smoked jerky lasts ages.

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