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Will Going Medieval have DLC?

Will Going Medieval have DLC?

When it comes to life sim games, your options of gameplay are theoretically endless. You make villages big and small, foster all kinds of cultures, and even wage war. Going Medieval, in particular, is still only in Early Access, which means there’s a lot of content on the way. So, will Going Medieval have DLC?

Answering this question kind of depends on what one means by “DLC.” If by “DLC” you mean gigantic content packs and new maps, then it is way too early in this game’s development to even be thinking about that. It just came out, and it’s still in Early Access. Ask again when it’s done. If, however, by “DLC” you mean additional gameplay mechanics, then that we’ll be getting plenty of.

Will Going Medieval have DLC?

According to the content roadmap released by Foxy Voxel, there is a veritable cornucopia of new features coming to Going Medieval over the course of its development. The following features will be gradually added to the game as it navigates its Early Access period and beyond:

  • Accumulating Snow
  • Ruins
  • Natural caves
  • Fire and flammability
  • Organic dirt paths
  • Trading and merchants
  • Caravans
  • Settlement diplomacy
  • Settler social interactions
  • Vassal system
  • Mounted siege weaponry
  • Shelves and weapon racks
  • Raiding other settlements
  • Map factions
  • Prisoner system
  • Grand objectives
  • Religious influence
  • Taming wildlife
  • Animal husbandry
Going Medieval Roadmap

Going Medieval already has some pretty deep village creation and management systems, but if this roadmap is to be believed, it’s only gonna get deeper. Environments and seasons will change with the times, trading networks can be established between villages, and villages themselves can even be built up into entire city-states with their own laws and norms. When this game reaches its ideal form, you’ll basically be able to create an entire civilization from scratch. 

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