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How to Build Underground in Going Medieval

How to Build Underground in Going Medieval

There’s only so much surface land available in a given acreage. If you had the tools and infrastructure available to build straight up, that’d solve some of the problems, but if that’s out, then your only other option is to dig downward. Put on your helmets, kids, it’s time for some mining. Here’s how to build underground in Going Medieval.

How to Build Underground in Going Medieval

Building underground in Going Medieval is fairly simple if you follow these steps. As long as you’ve got tools and halfway competent villagers, you can dig downward on just about any flat patch of land. To switch your interface to mining mode, either press the N key on your keyboard or click on the little pickaxe button on the bottom right of the screen. This will bring up the mining highlight tool; you can use this to designate a rectangular patch of land for digging. When you give the order, some villagers will get on it, though you should increase priority for villagers with high mining stats so the work gets done faster.

Once the initial pit has been dug, build a small staircase with a little landing strip at the bottom so your villagers can get in and out of it. After that, you can start digging down further. You can go as deep as you want, though there’s not really any reason to go more than a few levels downward.  Once you’ve had your fill of digging, you’ll want to seal the pit off. Put a small, one-level fence around the perimeter of the pit with a roof stacked on top of it, as well as walls and a solid floor on the bottom.

If you dig multiple pits, you can also dig tunnels between them in the same manner. Simply designate a line of pits between two main pits, dug at the same depth, and seal them off with fences and roofs in the same way.

The best use of underground infrastructure is creating long-term low-temperature storage for food in the summer months, but if you’re an enterprising sort, you could, in theory, build your whole village down there. Just make sure to let the villagers up for some sunlight once in a while.

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