Girl Cafe Gun tier list

Girl Cafe Gun tier list – best characters and how to reroll

All of the best characters ranked in our Girl Cafe Gun tier list, complete with a Girl Cafe Gun reroll guide.

Girl Cafe Gun is a shoot ’em up, or bullet hell, mobile gacha game from BILIBILI. Players must run a cafe and assemble a team of girls to take into battle and take down powerful enemies. There’s a wide selection of characters, all with unique dresses that offer different perks. That’s why we put together this Girl Cafe Gun tier list to help out new players.

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It’s not easy to determine which Girl Cafe Gun character is best right off the bat without testing them. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you so you can get an idea of where each character stands in terms of rankings. As always, the Girl Cafe Gun tier list is subjective, so you may disagree, and that’s okay. There is no proper way to play the game, and this is meant more as a guide for newer players. You can also find a Girl Cafe Gun reroll guide below that outlines the process you can follow to get some good starting characters on Android and iOS.

You can check out our Girl Cafe Gun codes to take advantage of any free in-game rewards that may be active right now. If you find this useful, you can also check out our other posts like the Rage of Destiny tier list or World Flipper tier list.

Girl Cafe Gun tier list

TierGirl Cafe Gun character
SCornelia – Casual, Cornelia – Party Dress, Moon – Maid, Moon – Casual, Yuki – Tactical Equip, Irene – Tactical Equip, Irene – Maid, Shi Wuyou – Casual, Shi Wuyou – Maid, Eksistere – Valentine, Moon – Swimsuit, Shi Wuyou – Cheongsam 
ACornelia – Maid, Cornelia – Official Dress, Juno – Maid, Juno – Casual, Juno – Swimsuit, Grainne – Maid, Shi Wuxia – Maid, Shi Wuxia – Defiler, Shi Wuxia – Tactical Equip, Eksistere – Swimsuit, Eksistere – Maid, Yuki – Maid, Lida – Maid, Rococo – Maid, Irene – Maple, Lida – Casual
BShi Wuxia – Casual, Su Xiaozhen – Casual, Su Xiaozhen – Swimsuit, Su Xiaozhen – Maid, Shi Wuxia – Casual, Grainne – Training Suit, Grainne – Casual, Moon – Gown, Shi Wuxia – Cheongsam, Eksistere – Casual
CLida – Official Dress, Lida – Tactical Equip, Grainne – Party Dress, Shi Wuyou – Official Dress, Rococo – Casual

How to reroll in Girl Cafe Gun

The term reroll is typically used in gacha games in reference to using your free in-game currency to roll for the best characters. In Girl Cafe Gun, you receive your in-game currency after completing stage 2-1. The process to reroll in Girl Cafe Gun is as follows:

  • Launch Girl Cafe Gun
  • Log in as a guest
  • Complete stage 2-1 and roll for characters
  • If you are not happy with your selection:
    • Android: Long-press the app icon, go to app info, and clear cache
    • iOS: Reinstall Girl Cafe Gun and repeat the steps above

That’s how to reroll for new characters in Girl Cafe Gun. When satisfied with your selection, you can link the account up with an official login to save your progress.

Girl Cafe Gun is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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