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Gears for Breakfast Announces Vanessa’s Curse, A Hat in Time DLC

If you’ve played A Hat in Time (and if you haven’t, you really ought to remedy that because it’s one of the best indie games ever made), you no doubt remember Queen Vanessa of Subcon Forest. Even as far back as the game’s early access period, her creepy atmosphere and piercing red gaze left a permanent impression on everyone who dared to enter her manor. Clearly, when you have such a terrifying, unshakeable foe, the best course of action is to make a game out of antagonizing her. 

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Yesterday, Gears for Breakfast announced Vanessa’s Curse, a brand-new DLC for A Hat in Time. Interestingly, this DLC was actually produced as part of the game’s Creator DLC initiative, wherein users in the game’s sizable modding community team up with the developers to create major gameplay additions. Vanessa’s Curse is the brainchild of two modders by the names of Werti and Jasmine.

Gears for Breakfast Announces Vanessa’s Curse, A Hat in Time DLC

Vanessa’s Curse is a full multiplayer game mode for A Hat in Time. As opposed to the multiplayer lobby feature, which is just players sharing a game instance and annoying each other, this mode has its own rules and features. Players are placed in an expanded version of Vanessa’s mansion and tasked with looting it of its golden crowns. One player is subjected to Vanessa’s curse, turning them into a puppet for her, and any normal player the puppet attacks becomes a puppet themselves.

The normal players need to gather the crowns before time runs out, while the cursed players need to turn as many normal players as possible or kill the clock. Along with these mechanics, there are also random events on the map such as terrain freezing, fog rolling in, and powerful storms. The crowns you earn from playing can be traded in for new outfits, dyes, and of course, hats with Snatcher between rounds, so there’s lots of incentive to play.

Vanessa’s Curse will be available on November 27th. Just a heads up, though, due to the nature of the Creator DLC program, this expansion will only be made available on the PC version of A Hat in Time.

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