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Frozenheim: How to Get to Jarl Erland’s Settlement

It's too early for chores!
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In Frozenheim, you’re tossed into the story without much fanfare. As you adjust to the game’s mechanics, you’ll notice there’s one more task in addition to building your settlement. It tells you to reach Jarl Erland’s settlement, but actually getting there requires the completion of a few errands.

How to Reach Jarl Erland’s Settlement

In order to survive long enough to reach Jarl Erland’s settlement, you need to buff up your military. If you take your only warriors into the forest, your settlement will be left defenseless. Take all the time you need to establish several platoons of all three martial disciplines. I think I had ten or eleven squads before I even tried to venture out into the woods. If you’re unclear on how to do this because you don’t have enough peasants, refer to our piece on how to recruit more settlers in Frozenheim.

OK, so … you have enough soldiers, and now you’re ready to make a bee-line to Jarl Erland, right? Wrong. In fact, the only accessible gate to that region is closed because of wandering bandits. To the northwest of your settlement, you’ll find another settlement who’ll inform you about the bandits. Tell them you’ll defeat them to accept the needed quest. Then, head to the northwest of this settlement and you’ll eventually run into the bandits themselves. Defeat them, and the gate to Jarl Erland will open.

Be sure not to leave your settlement unattended for too long, however. If you do, you’ll be attacked, and that will only result in a bad time all around. Stick with Gamer Journalist for more on Frozenheim, as well as other trending games, such as Fall Guys, Genshin Impact, and The Quarry!

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