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Freedom Planet 2 Playable Characters and Moves

Time for a high-speed, high-kicking adventure.
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The original Freedom Planet offered a clever blend of high-speed Sonic-style platforming and light character-action combat. In Freedom Planet 2, those mechanics have been further refined for characters new and returning, each with updated moves and abilities. Here are the playable characters in Freedom Planet 2 and their moves.

Freedom Planet 2 Playable Characters and Moves

Freedom Planet 2 features four playable characters, each with their own perspective in the game’s story. Three of these characters return from the first game, and they are joined by one new character.

  • Sash Lilac
  • Carol Tea
  • Milla Basset
  • Neera Li

Sash Lilac

Our main hero, and one of the last dragons on Avalice. With her dragon magic and physiology, Lilac possesses magically-enhanced strength and speed, allowing her to zip through levels at a pace that’d make a hedgehog proud.

  • Dragon Cyclone: Lilac’s signature move. Whips her hair in a cyclone that can damage enemies, as well as be used to gain distance and verticality at high speed.
  • Hair Whip: Lilac’s standing melee attack, strikes enemies right in front of her. Launches small projectiles with an Energizer power-up.
  • Dragon Boost: Lilac curls into a ball for a moment, then rockets forward in the indicated direction at unstoppable speed, damaging enemies and smashing small obstacles.
  • Boost Breaker: Perform another Dragon Boost while one is in progress to cancel out of it, launching a small shockwave in the process.
  • Blink Dash: When taking damage while Guarding, Lilac will dash past an enemy, leaving an afterimage behind.

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Carol Tea

A ninja wildcat and Lilac’s best friend. Carol uses her feline agility to pounce and slash across long distances. She’s brought back her signature motorcycle, as well as her new Jump Disc weapon.

  • Claw Combo: Carol’s basic melee attack. Perform up to three successive claw slashes right in front of her. Can be used on the ground or in the air.
  • Pounce: Leap forward either while crouching or in the air to get some distance, attacking any enemies that get in Carol’s way.
  • Jump Disc: Carol’s new weapon, functioning as both a ranged attack and a jump point. Throw it at enemies to damage them, then perform a Warp Jump to immediately leap to wherever the disc stops.
  • Fuel Tank and Motorcycle: Pick up a red fuel tank in a level, and Carol will board her trusty motorcycle. You can use all of your regular moves aboard the motorcycle while moving faster and jumping higher. While on the motorcycle, using the Jump Disc will instead perform a Bike Throw, lobbing it at enemies and storing it. Guard after throwing the Jump Disc to summon the motorcycle back.
  • Wall Climb: Carol can jump and climb off of walls. She can also ride right up walls on her motorcycle.
Image via GalaxyTrail

Milla Basset

An adorable Hound puppy with a talent for alchemy. Milla was a bit fragile in the first game, but after some training, she’s learned to channel her Phantom Cube abilities into a new kung-fu style.

  • Puppy Float: Hold the jump button to make Milla flap her arms and ears, giving her an extra vertical boost.
  • Crane Combo: Milla’s new melee attack. Deliver a series of up to three powerful kicks and punches.
  • Barrier Shield: Create a phantom shield that can block projectiles in eight directions. Release the shield to perform a Shield Burst, firing off a small projectile in front of Milla. You can also tap the button rapidly to fire off rapid Shield Bursts.
  • Phantom Cube: Spawn a floating cube by guarding. Using Shield Burst with a summoned Phantom Cube will launch up to ten cube projectiles, while using a melee attack will fire off a large beam.

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Neera Li

Frost Knight, advisor to the Magister of Shang Tu, and a generally unpleasant person. Neera and Lilac were enemies due to the circumstances of the first game, but recent events have forced them to work together.

  • Double Jump: Neera can jump again mid-air for some extra hang time.
  • Cryo Staff: Tap the attack button to have Neera deliver a stab with her staff. Hold the button down to have her fire off small ice projectiles.
  • Frost Arts: Neera launches a blast of ice in front of her that freezes any enemy it hits. She can also launch a pillar of ice directly above her and disperse icy bombs beneath her.
  • Focus: When Guarding, Neera temporarily buffs her movement and attack speeds until the next time she uses Frost Arts.

Remember, every character has their own story, so you’ll need to master all four of them to experience the full content of Freedom Planet 2!

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