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Fire Emblem Engage Has an Outrageous Gift For Characters You Hate

Show them what you really think of them.
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Image via Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

Giving gifts is a common practice in the Fire Emblem series, primarily used to foster healthy relationships between your player character and the various other characters, which in turn improves their abilities in combat. If there were a character you didn’t much care for in previous games, you would usually just ignore them, but in Fire Emblem Engage, there’s a way you can show them exactly what you think of them.

Fire Emblem Engage Has an Outrageous Gift For Characters You Hate

In Fire Emblem Engage, among all of the other pleasant little gifts you can give to your various allies and friends is a standout item that absolutely nobody is happy to receive: horse manure.

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Occasionally, when you adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage and keep them at your Farmyard, you may occasionally receive a lump of horse manure in your inventory. Yes, even if you don’t have any horses, it just sort of shows up sometimes! Truly, it must be a sign from above.

“I Come Bearing a Gift!”

Fire Emblem Engage
Image via Intelligent Systems/Nintendo

So what are you supposed to do with these… excretions? Why, gift ’em to someone you hate, of course! Every character in the game has gifts that they like and dislike, with the latter eliciting a somewhat reluctant response. However, no character likes getting horse manure, and it’s the only way to elicit a full-on negative response from them.

Is there an upshot to doing this? Nope! It’s just an amusing way to tell particular characters “this is exactly what you are worth to me.” If you’re morbidly curious, just save your game beforehand and then give a character the horse manure to see how they react. Poor social conduct need not have lasting consequences, I say.

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