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How to get a Wingsuit in Far Cry 6

How to get a Wingsuit in Far Cry 6

The first time I ever saw a wingsuit, I thought someone was messing with me. What kind of madman would willingly strap himself into a suit with flying squirrel flaps and jump off a cliff? Turns out, a lot of madmen, which is why wingsuits have become such a ubiquitous symbol of extreme, death-defying sportsmanship. In a series that thrives on such behavior like Far Cry, it’s not especially surprising to find such an apparatus. Here’s how to get a Wingsuit in Far Cry 6.

To obtain a Wingsuit, you’re going to have to develop your rebellion’s resources a bit. For starters, you’ll need to progress a bit of a ways into the game’s main story, right around to the point where the story starts branching out into dealing with the various rebel factions. It’s around this point that you should gain access to the guerilla camp facilities. Don’t worry, the game will let you know when these facilities are available. 

How to get a Wingsuit in Far Cry 6

To get a Wingsuit in Far Cry 6:

  1. Progress far enough in the story to unlock guerilla camp facilities
  2. Spend 30 Metal and 30 Gasoline to unlock the Hideout Network
  3. The Wingsuit will be added to your inventory automatically

When you first gain access to the camp facilities, seek out the camp foreman at the construction desk. He’s the dude with the little hammer icon over his head. Talk to him and select “Build a New Camp Facility” to access the build menu. You need to construct the Hideout Network, which costs 30 Metal and 30 Gasoline. If you’re short on supplies, just go loot a few trucks and chests here and there and you should have what you need in no time. When you construct the Hideout Network, the Wingsuit will be added to your inventory automatically.

To use the Wingsuit, just find a nice, steep cliff or other high point, hurl yourself off with a running start, and press the left stick button. Your wings will deploy and you can control your trajectory with the left stick, angling down to pick up speed. Remember, this isn’t really flying so much as falling with style; it’s a great way to cover long distances quickly, but you’ll need to deploy your parachute before you hit the ground if you don’t want to end up as a colorful splat on the road.

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