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Where to Find the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Could you imagine how horribly frustrating it’d be to lose your keys in a desert or mountainous region? Like, it’s one thing to lose your keys in a parking lot or something, because at least a set of keys look pretty distinct against pavement, but if you drop something on the ground on a mountain, chances are good you’ll never see it again. Though, if the key was for something valuable, then I guess it’s fortuitous if someone else loses it, because that means you can find it. Here’s where to find the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint key in Far Cry 6.

Where to Find the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6

Assuming the game is working properly, when you arrive at the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint, it should be full of guards looking to put new holes in your body. Once the area is sufficiently safe, you should be able to find the key to the guard post right across the road from the post’s door, resting on a concrete barrier. Retrieve the key and unlock the door to capture the checkpoint, as well as loot some handy supplies.

Where to Find the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Key in Far Cry 6

Here’s the tricky part: the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint has proven to be a bit buggy for Far Cry 6 players. The door to the guardpost is supposed to be locked with a key and guarded by soldiers, but some players have arrived to find the Checkpoint completely abandoned, the door inaccessible, and the key nowhere in sight. Without that key, the Checkpoint can’t be captured. 

Some players have reported that simply leaving the Checkpoint, spending time elsewhere in the world, and returning will remedy the problem, spawning the soldiers and, more importantly, the key. In the event that doesn’t work for you, there is an alternative solution: blow the door off its hinges. Just use any weapon that causes blast damage, and you can quickly remove the door from its obstructive position. If you’re not sure what weapon to use, a plain old frag grenade will do the job just fine.

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