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Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Puzzle Solution

Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Puzzle Solution

An oil rig usually only has one of two things on it: a whole bunch of oil, or a bunch of convicts wearing magnetic boots, if you’ll pardon my Face/Off reference. But in a game like Far Cry 6, where neat junk can be uncovered in all sorts of out-of-the-way nooks and crannies, it’s not especially surprising to find an oil rig with something more interesting than Nicholas Cage on it. Here’s how to solve Far Cry 6’s GDP oil rig puzzle.

In a teeny, tiny point on the northwest corner of Aguas Lindas, you can find an oil rig floating in the middle of the ocean. You can reach the rig by boat, air, or whatever other means you can think of. The rig isn’t especially interesting at a glance; nothing but industrial equipment and shipping containers. However, if you peek inside one of the containers on the southeast side of the rig, you’ll spot the familiar glow of a hidden stash. So now the question is, how do we get inside that container?

Far Cry 6 GDP Oil Rig Puzzle

To open the shipping container on the GDP oil rig in Far Cry 6:

  1. Find the crane control room on the southwest side of the oil rig
  2. Push the large red button on the crane control panel
  3. The shipping crate will be lifted, allowing you access to the stash inside

If you look above the shipping crate with the loot in it, you’ll notice it’s attached to a large mechanical crane. If you could operate that crane, you could lift the crate out of its confined spot. To activate the crane, go to the southwestern side of the oil rig to find the crane control room, where apparently they just leave the keys in the panel.

On the crane control panel, you should see a big red button. Give that button a press, and the crane will activate, lifting the shipping crate up and out of its cramped spot. You can now enter the crate and pop the hidden stash, revealing the Supercharger shotgun.

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