How many Endings does Ender Lilies Have?

How many Endings does Ender Lilies Have?

Dark fantasy games like Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights often place a greater emotional burden on their protagonists (and by extension, their players). A happy ending is something you gotta fight tooth and nail for, and if you go at it half-cocked, nobody will be satisfied. This is why it helps to know exactly how many roads the story can go down. So, how many endings does Ender Lilies have?

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How many Endings does Ender Lilies Have?

Ender Lilies has three different endings: a bad ending, reached from making an obviously incorrect decision at a critical story juncture, a normal ending, reached from simply playing the game from the start to finish, and a secret ending, reached by taking a few extra steps past the normal ending. Chances are good you’ll probably get the normal ending on your first try, at least if you don’t already know what you’re looking for, but, well, now we’re gonna tell you what you’re looking for.

Bad Ending: “Hinterlands”

Traveling eastward from the Execution Grounds in the Stockade area and climbing to the top of a large vertical room reveals a locked door that can be opened by a lever. Past the door is the Hinterlands, and further past that is Land’s Edge, where you’ll have the opportunity to end the game prematurely by purifying one of the glowing flowers in front of a glowing passage. Don’t do this, it’s depressing.

Normal Ending: “Blight”

All you have to do to get the normal ending is proceed through the game as normal and defeat the final boss, the Blighted Lord. Assuming you didn’t collect all of the Stone Tablets, the story will end on a bittersweet note.

Secret Ending

To access the secret ending, you’ll need to collect every single Stone Tablet in the game, as well as craft and equip the Aegis Curio. You can then go and battle the Blighted Lord as before, but when he’s on the verge of defeat, attempt to purify him with the Aegis Curio. This will cause him to bounce back in a bigger, meaner form. It’s by defeating this form that you’ll see the end of the story as it was meant to be.

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