Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Quest Guide

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot released this past week on January 17th, 2020 for Windows, PS4, and Xbox One. After playing through the main storyline, there are many end game quests and side quests that you can complete. This guide aims to walk you through the various side quests and end game quests to help you complete them.

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Quest Guide

Good Ol Goku – Talk to Bora and Upa at the Sacred Land of Korin, then head over to Capsule Corp and talk to Bulma. You will need to defeat some robots and locate moss for the Bora’s Soul Elbme.

Piccolo vs. Goku – At Kami’s Lookout, speak with Dende as Piccolo without having Gohan or Goku in your party. Go to Goku’s house and speak with Gohan, and defeat Goku.

Continually Attacked Villager – At Yamcha’s Hideout, play as Gohan for this side quest.

Perpetually Attacked Villager – After finishing Continually Attacked Villager, head over to Yamcha’s Hideout and re-enter the area. Save the female from attackers.

A Father’s Dignity – In Satan City, speak with Mr. Satan and then kill the dinosaur for Mr. Satan’s soul emblem.

Buu The Bottomless Pit – After completing Father’s Dignity quest, talk with Mr. Satan and then go to Goku’s House and head northeast to the fishing spot. Catch Big Fish, 4 Prime Marbled Dino Meat, 3 Shiny Rice, and 1 Premium Gold Venison.

The Parent Trap – Go to Capsule Corp and exit the building, then go to the marked location. Re-enter Capsule Corp and head down the hall to the right. As Vegeta without Goku in your party, defeat Gotenks at the edge of the city.

Reunion With Suno – Talk to Suno at Darlinge Polyna and get 10 Energetic Fish / Plain White Rice / Rose Wheat. The rice and wheat can be purchased, and the fish can be fished up, usually by diving underwater under flocks of seagulls.

Cute and Cuddly Korin – Go to Kame House and talk to Krillin, then look for Meowming at the west side of the island using your Ki Sense.

The Captain’s Comeback – At Lacco Village, talk to Vulma as Vegeta and get all the Dragon Valls and summon Captain Ginyu.

Pure Pair – Talk to Baba as Goku at the World Tournament Area, and then go to Land of Kais and beat Kid Buu.

Fulfilling a Promise – Go to Land of Kais and get the quest from Elder Kai, who wants you to get all the Dragon Balls.

Stranger Danger – At Oliva Village in East Ravine, talk to the man as Gohan and then fight and defeat Saibamen.

Porunga Part 2 – As Goku, speak with Moori on New Namek and take his test. Here’s the answers:

Question 1 – What does Porunga mean?

Answer 1 – God of Dreams

Question 2 – What does Piccolo mean in Namekian?

Answer 2 – Another world

Question 3 – What type of plant do we cultivate here?

Answer 3 – Ajisa

King of the Demon Realm – After completing Porunga Part 2, fight Dabura at Lucca Village for a soul emblem.

Perfecting Perfection – After completing Porunga Part 2, speak with Cell at Kodaiho Lands and beat him for an emblem.

Return of the Emperor – After completing Porunga Part 2, speak with Frieza in West City and beat him for an emblem.

Here it Comes – A side mission near Capsule Corp, find 3 pure green/blue/red crystals in New Namek.

Lone Guardian – Outside Capsule Corp, there’s a time machine with Bulma and Future Trunks. Go there to unlock Future Trunks, and Bulma appears inside. As Future Trunks, talk to her and beat Android 17.

The Sins of the Father – Located at the entrance of Capsule Corp by the desk on the right, beat Vegeta with Future Trunks.

Time for a Tournament – After completing Sins of the Father, leave the area and come back, then talk to Bulma as Goku and win the tournament.

Badidi’s Back – Wish Bididi back with Dragon Balls and beat his goons in the West Area, then takeout his minions for Soul Emblems.

Change of Heart – Wish Bididi back with Dragon Balls. Beat his goons in the West Area and complete his back story.

Shadows of the Red Ribbon Army – Wish Android 19 and 20 back with Dragon Balls and head over to North Mountains to beat them.

Most Feared of Families – Wish King Cold back and go to Koaiho Lands with a party of Kid Trunks, Goten, and Gohan.

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