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Doodle Champion Island Games Walkthrough — Part One

Most of These are Out of the Way!!
Doodle Champion Island Games
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In the Summer of 2021, whilst the delayed 2020 Summer Games were taking place, Google put out the Doodle Champion Island Games. It manifested as a Google Doodle, which are notorious for being themed after a holiday or trend, but this one was different. The Doodle Champion Island Games was, in actuality, a short video game that can still be played, despite it being over a year since it initially launched.

How to Beat Doodle Champion Island Games

To start, it’s good to note that the main mini-games included in Doodle Champion Island Games aren’t that difficult. To be honest, they mostly rely on your skill and patience; there really isn’t a strategy to beat them aside from ‘keep trying.’ That said, there are numerous side-quests that can be complicated. But, at the end of the day, said side-quests are basically fetch quests.

Fresh Water Quest

For our first side-quest, journey north, past where you would ordinarily play the climbing mini-game. You will run into a rabbit who claims that the hot spring is blocked by a giant snowball. Tell them you’ll help, and then head to Fluffy’s Arrow Shop near the northwest docks. Fluffy will tell you that they’ll need some lava from Oni Island to the east to craft a Super Fire Arrow.

You’ll find the lava already bottled up to the north of Oni Island. How convenient! Take the lava back to Fluffy, who’ll make you a Super Fire Arrow. If you take the arrow back to the rabbit who started this quest, they’ll use it to clear the path. Head up a bit further and nab the Fresh Water. Note: the Fresh Water, like the Lava, won’t appear until you’ve accepted the relevant quest. If the Fresh Water isn’t showing up, head to Tanooki City and talk with the Construction Bull. Take the Fresh Water back to the Construction Bull. This will open the previously blocked path.

Olive the Otter Quest

In this — much shorter — side-quest, you’ll want to initiate it by heading for Tanooki City, where you’ll talk to Olive the Otter who’s in his house to the northwest of the entrance, next to Tanooki City Station. He’ll ask you to find his missing book, which you’ll find south of Olive’s house. Take the book back, and you’ll complete the quest, though there’s something suspicious about Olive’s reaction …

Second Skatepark Quest

To unlock the second skatepark, speak to the bull beside the train tracks, who will tell you about the exclusive skatepark for those who know the password. To get the password, head to the Skateboard Dojo to the south of your current position and head to the back. If you speak with the leftmost fox, they’ll tell you that the secret password is TEA KETTLE. Head back to the train tracks bull and tell him the password.

Finding Daichi Quest

To initialize this quest, you’ll want to start by heading for the gym and speaking with the coach. You’ll find the gym just past the blockade that you resolved in the Fresh Water quest. It’s the building with a giant crab on top. If you speak to the coach, she’ll mention that one of her trainees didn’t show up today, and that he usually hangs out at the noodle bar. Go to the noodle bar, and you’ll find Daichi at the top left.

Daichi conveniently forgot his running shoes all the way on Marathon Beach. You’ll find them all the way at the end of the beach, so grab them and head back for the noodle bar. Daichi will then inform us that he doesn’t have a water bottle, and decides to stay at the noodle bar to stay hydrated on noodle broth. If you head south from the noodle bar, you’ll see a convenience store that has a surplus of water bottles. Take one (or ten) and head back to the noodle bar. Daichi will once again give the excuse that he doesn’t have his bandana, but luckily, you have a spare! If you offer him your extra bandana, he’ll finally relent and head for the gym. If you return to the gym, you’ll see Daichi working harder than he ever has before.

Urashima Taro Quest

To initiate this quest, head for the Artistic Swimming area. To the east, you’ll see two houses diagonally from each other. Enter the top house and interact with the ghost. The ghost will inform you that their son, Urashima Taro, left for the undersea castle and never returned.

She wrote him a letter, but it wasn’t able to be delivered for obvious reasons. Leave the house, go south, then east, and you’ll find the letter between two stone lanterns. Pick it up, and the path to the undersea castle will be opened to you. It’s here where you’ll find Urashima Taro, who wants you to tell his mother that he’s happy, and that he misses her. Return to the ghost, and she’ll finally be able to move on.

Three Sisters Quest

Far to the west of the Artistic Swimming area is an island with a Torii Gate in the center. If you speak to the turtle, they’ll tell you the story of three sisters who built the gate, and how if they return, it might revitalize the gate and give it new life. It’s up to us to find these sisters, who live all over the island.

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The first sister is located inside the second house on Marathon Beach. The second is on the other side of the cavern in the Climbing Mountains. Lastly, the third sister is in a house off the beaten path near the entrance to Tanooki City. As soon as you’ve convinced all three to return, head back to the gate and you will have unlocked the third competitive dancing challenge!

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