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How to Unlock Classes in Disgaea 6

How to Unlock Classes in Disgaea 6

The crux of assembling an army, demonic or otherwise, is diversification. You need a lot of different combatants capable of filling a lot of different roles on the battlefield, including infantry, support, ranged combat, and of course, Prinnies. Luckily, to accommodate the need for battlefield diversity, there are tons of classes you can unlock in Disgaea 6. Here’s how to unlock classes in Disgaea 6.

How to Unlock Classes in Disgaea 6

Here is how to unlock all of the normal and unique classes available in Disgaea 6:

Normal Classes

  • Prinny: Default starting class
  • Warrior: Default starting class
  • Martial Artist: Default starting class
  • Clergy: Default starting class
  • Mage: Default starting class
  • Thief: Complete “Steeling to Steal” with a Martial Artist
  • Archer: Complete “On the Hunt” with a Warrior and a Clergy
  • Gunner: Complete “Picking a Partner” with a Warrior and a Clergy
  • Ninja: Complete “Ninja Nite” with a Thief and a 2-Star Martial Artist
  • Armor Knight: Complete “Worthy of Guarding” with a 2-Star Warrior and a 2-Star Martial Artist
  • Samurai: Complete “Loyal Blade” with an Archer and a 2-Star Warrior
  • Magic Knight: Complete “Magical Warrior” with a 2-Star Warrior and a 2-Star Mage
  • Psychic: Complete “Psychic Squadron” with a 2-Star Clergy and a 2-Star Mage
  • Mecha Girl: Complete “Robot Army” with a 2-Star Armor Knight and a 2-Star Gunner
  • Undead: Use a Charred Newt to complete “Hungry, Hungry Zombie”
  • Winged Warrior: Complete “No Ordinary Bug!” by destroying 5 Archer units
  • Sea Angel: Offer up a Rare-grade single-use item to complete “Living Conditions”
  • Succubus: Offer up an emblem item to complete “Seductive Demon”
  • Evil Eye: Offer up a pair of Legendary-grade glasses to complete “Evil Eye Elite”
  • Dragon: Offer up an emblem item to complete “Treasure & Dragons”
  • Pincer Shell: Offer up Premium Crab Brains to complete “Pincer Shells United”
  • Horseman: Offer up a Legendary-grade spear to complete “Promised Spear”

Unique Classes

  • Zombie: Zed’s Unique Class
  • King: Misedor’s Unique Class
  • Princess: Melodia’s Unique Class
  • Prism: Piyori’s Unique Class
  • Witch: Majolene’s Unique Class
  • Overlord: Overlord Ivar’s Unique Class
  • Zombie (Alt): Beiko’s Unique Class
  • Overlord (Alt): Laharl’s Unique Class
  • Overlord’s Vassal: Etna’s Unique Class
  • Fallen Angel: Flonne’s Unique Class

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