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How to Increase the Level Cap in Disgaea 6

How to Increase the Level Cap in Disgaea 6

Typical JRPGs usually have a hard level limit of either 99 or 100. When you hit those levels, there’s nowhere else to go; you’re at the peak of your possible potential. In Disgaea, however, there never quite seems to be a hard limit. After all, how can you enforce limits on characters that can endlessly reincarnate? Here’s how to increase the level cap in Disgaea 6.

The basic max level limit for all characters in Disgaea 6 is 9,999. This may seem absolutely absurd and, well, it is, but remarkably, this isn’t the height of your characters’ potential. It’s possible to get a character’s max limit as high as 99,999,999, with the ridiculous stats and abilities that come with it. However, to get a single character’s level up that high, you’re gonna have to do a whole lot of reincarnating. 

How to Increase the Level Cap in Disgaea 6

Level Limit Breaks are purchased with karma, but in order to access the karma upgrade menu, Zed needs to use Super Reincarnation at the Dark Assembly. You should try not to do that willy-nilly, as your new life’s potential will be heavily based on how strong you were in your old one. Once you’re comfortable with your strength, go ahead and Super Reincarnate so you can access the karma menu for all of your characters.

Under the Unlock Ability menu, you’ll find two Level Limit Break items. The first one raises that character’s level cap from 9,999 to 9,999,999 and costs 20,000 karma. The second one raises the level cap further from 9,999,999 to 99,999,999, and costs a much heftier 20,000,000 karma. It’s gonna be a bit of a drag putting that much karma together, but you’ll need to be at least that strong if you want to stand a chance in the game’s bonus areas.

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