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How to Get and Use Karma in Disgaea 6

How to Get and Use Karma in Disgaea 6

You’d be surprised how many games and stories I’ve seen where karma is a tangible resource rather than an abstract concept. I guess it makes sense; if you’ve done a lot of bad things in life, those bad vibes weigh more heavily on you in the next life. Of course, if your next life is as a demon in the underworld, then you want all the bad things you can get. Here’s how to get and use karma in Disgaea 6.

Karma is a new system introduced in Disgaea 6, acting as a sort of secondary experience point mechanic. Whenever Zed uses his special ability, Super Reincarnation, he starts over at level 1, but with all of his states from his previous incarnation carried over. By using karma, you can not only enhance those stats even further, but even enhance abilities that otherwise aren’t tied to leveling up, such as how far Zed can move in one turn or how many times he can counterattack. By accumulating and utilizing a large supply of karma, Zed can become an absolute monster of a unit. Of course, with every enhancement you make, the karma cost rises proportionally, so you’ll need a lot of karma to reach that point.

How to Get and Use Karma in Disgaea 6

There are a couple of ways to get more karma in Disgaea 6. The first is by simply using Super Reincarnation. Just by reincarnating, you’ll receive a payout of karma, though the amount you receive depends heavily on how high your level was before Super Reincarnating. 

To get the most karma, though, you’ll want to make use of the D-Merit system. D-Merits are kind of like achievements for each individual character, awarded when they complete certain actions like defeating a particular type of enemy or using the Juice Bar. In fact, just using the Juice Bar a bunch, even if it’s just to raise one random stat, is a great way to farm karma from D-Merits, even if it takes a little while.

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