Destiny 2 Season 14 is right around the corner, and I, for one, am positively stoked. As an old-school D1 player, the notion of returning to the Vault of Glass has me feeling all kinds of ways, especially after the name for Season 14 has allegedly been “leaked” online. 

This post may contain possible spoilers for Season 14. You’ve been warned. 

Siva Might be Returning to Destiny 2 With Season 14 – Season of the Splicer

An anonymous leak claims that Destiny 2 Season 14 is called “Season of the Splicer,” and that the Super Good Advice and Vex Mythoclast exotics are returning alongside a new linear fusion rifle called the First Tempo. 

These leaks aren’t just hearsay, either. There is some credibility behind them as it comes off of a data mine of Bungie’s website in which reference to all of this information was found. That’s anything but confirmation of this news being legitimate, but it is something for you to keep in mind. 

According to the leak, players are going to be fighting against Vex across several timelines after the sentient machine race learns how to harness the power of stasis. That’s what we all expected Season 14 to be about, what with VOG returning, but what about the name?

Well, it’s worth noting that Splicers aren’t just relevant to Siva and Rise of Iron from Destiny 1. In fact, all a Fallen Splicer is, is a member of a house that is a scientist or engineer. They attempt to harness the power of technology for augmentation, hence the idea of the Siva Splicers. 

Don’t get me wrong, I hope Siva returns. However, I think a more logical explanation for what’s going to happen lies in House of Wolves, not Rise of Iron. 

Thinking back all the way to 2015, House of Wolves had us fighting against Skolas, the self-proclaimed Kell of Kells. 

During the course of the story, we’re tasked with entering the Vault of Glass to stop the Fallen from taking advantage of the tech within. During that mission, Fallen spawn around the area just like the Vex do. It’s not unreasonable to assume that Splicers are the masterminds behind that technological adaptation. Given that we’re returning to VOG, I’d place good money on there being a connection here.

That’s just a theory. Yes, a game theory, but I’m not making that joke.