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How to get Sun Breathing in Demonfall

The Dance of the Fire God.
demonfall sun breathing
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I’ve made a conscious effort not to spoil the later details of Demon Slayer for myself, at least until the next season of the anime comes out. That said, one nugget they’ve hinted at is Sun Breathing, a lost Breathing Style that Tanjiro knows bits and pieces of. Not only is Sun Breathing quite an important plot element in Demon Slayer, but it’s also one of the strongest Breathing Styles in Demonfall. Here’s how to get Sun Breathing in Demonfall.

How to get Sun Breathing in Demonfall

Sun Breathing is an endgame Breathing Style you can only get after making significant progress into the game’s campaign and the development of your character. Fittingly, it’s one of the most powerful Breathing Styles in the game, which makes sense, since it’s actually the root style from which every other Breathing Style sprung forth.

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Before you can pursue the secrets of Sun Breathing, you need to cross a particular milestone. To qualify to learn Sun Breathing you need to be at least level 50 and have Prestiged your character at least once. Prestige, if you don’t know, is something you can do upon reaching the initial level cap of 50. When you Prestige your character, you’ll be reset all the way back to level 1, but your level cap will increase by 5, and you’ll need 20% less XP to level up. In essence, this means you’ll need to get up to level 50 twice, more or less.

How to Learn Sun Breathing

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Image via Fireheart Studio

Once you’ve Prestiged at least once and raised your level to at least 50, you’re ready to learn Sun Breathing. All you need to do is find Tanjiro in Coast Forest, overlooking a beach on the border of Frosty Forest. Chat him up, and if you qualify, he’ll give you access to the Sun Breathing skill tree on the spot.

Keep in mind that being a member of the Kamado family (like Tanjiro) will make your Sun Breathing technique more powerful. You don’t have to be a member of the Kamado family to learn and use it, but if you aren’t, you’ll take 5 points of HP damage every time you use a Sun Breathing move. Also, maxing out the Sun Breathing skill tree costs fewer skill points if you’re a Kamado, as Kamado family members get its first move, Dance of the Fire God (AKA Hinokami Kagura), for free. If you’re not a Kamado, it’ll cost 99 skill points in total to max out every Sun Breathing move.

If you can put in the work, Sun Breathing can be absolutely devastating. Remember the first time Tanjiro used Hinokami Kagura in the anime? Imagine getting to do that whenever you want.

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