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Civ 6 – How to Fix Version Mismatch with Host Error

Why do you get a version mismatch with host error on Civ 6 and how can you fix it? Let's take a look.
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Have you ever gotten “version mismatch with host error” when trying to play Civ 6 multiplayer with a friend? This is one of the most frustrating errors, because without it, you can’t enter the multiplayer game.

Is Version Mismatch with Host Error in Civ 6 Due to Mac and PC?

This error can occur if one person is on a Mac and another is on a PC. Even if you’ve both run updates recently, Firaxis often posts Mac updates after they post PC updates on Steam. That means that there is no easy way to fix this issue if this is the cause — other than wait until they post the patch.

The other way to fix the version mismatch with host error in Civ 6 when it’s due to a Mac vs. PC version misalignment is to have the PC player roll back their update.

Set PC to Run Legacy Version

If you right click on the Civ VI icon and select properties, you’ll see a beta tab in which you can type words. Type “ineedlegacyaccess,” which should unlock the legacy version. This helps you roll back. Important note: any saves you have on more recent versions of the game won’t work until you reinstall the updates, but you will be able to play with your friends across platform.

The key is that everyone has the same version of the game. The problem with this is that even if everyone updates, PC updates still come faster than Mac ones.

This issue is also present in Civ V, so if you’re struggling with Civ V version mismatch with host error, this could help you there as well.


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