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How to Restore your Health in Chivalry 2

How to Restore your Health in Chivalry 2
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The Chivalry games are built primarily around being a semi-realistic take on medieval warfare. No guns, no magic, just a whole lot of metal dudes with pointy sticks. Thing is, though, if you took a sword to the shoulder back then, you were pretty much already dead, so for the sake of good gameplay, there are ways to heal yourself in Chivalry 2. Here’s how to restore your health in Chivalry 2.

How to Restore your Health in Chivalry 2

In Chivalry 2, there are three methods through which an injured combatant can restore their health, two of which can be used by anyone, and one that can only be used by certain subclasses. Those methods are:

  • Utilizing bandages
  • Eating food
  • Activating certain subclass abilities

At the start of every match, every player receives one free bandage. You can use it at any time to restore some lost health by pressing Up on the D-Pad, or whatever you’ve bound the action to if you’re playing on a keyboard. However, the restoration effect is not instantaneous; you’ll need to perform a short animation, during which you’ll be wide open, so make sure to leave the heat of battle if you need to heal. You can gain another bandage by restocking from the ammo crate.

Scattered around the battlefield are scraps of food, including fruit, veggies, and fish. Any food you pick up can then be quickly consumed to restore a bit of health by pressing the X/Square button twice, or the C key on your keyboard. You can also smack people with the fish if you feel so inclined, but eating it would probably be the more practical choice (albeit the less funny one).

Finally, a few particular subclasses possess special skills that each provide some manner of healing. Those classes and abilities are:

  • Footman: Bandage Box: A deployable crate allies can use to restock their bandages.
  • Vanguard and Knight: Trumpet: Restores a small amount of health to all allies within a small radius around the user.
  • Archer and Knight: Banner: Can be deployed on the ground, will slowly heal any ally that stands near it.
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