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Castle Crashers Character Tier List

You can't crash any castles with a weak character!
Characters in Castle Crashers Remastered
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Castle Crashers is a beloved side-scrolling beat ’em up game that has captivated players with its colorful characters and chaotic battles for years. This game has over 30 characters to choose from, and as you embark on your journey to rescue princesses, defeat menacing bosses, and save the kingdom, you might wonder which character suits your playstyle best.

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a Castle Crashers character tier list, ranking the characters based on their strengths, versatility, and overall effectiveness in combat. Whether you prefer magic-wielding wizards, agile archers, or brutish brawlers, this tier list will help you make an informed choice for your next adventure in Castle Crashers!

Castle Crashers Character Tier List – All Characters, Ranked

In the vibrant and action-packed world of Castle Crashers, where knights embark on epic quests to save princesses and thwart evil sorcerers, your choice of character can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

With 31 unique characters to choose from, each armed with its own set of skills and abilities, determining which knight best suits your playstyle can be a thrilling adventure in itself.

In this tier list, we’ll delve into the strengths and weaknesses of each knight, categorizing them into tiers to help you make an informed choice for your next heroic journey. Rather than ranking them based on their effectiveness in the campaign, this list will be purely based on each character’s effectiveness in the arena.

Here’s the ranking system that will be used for this list:

Tier S – The very best characters in the game. Tier S characters are by far the most valuable in Castle Crashers and are the characters that players most strive to obtain.

Tier A – The second-best characters in the game. Tier A characters are among the best characters that are available to players; they have better stats than all other characters in the game, except for those in Tier S.

Tier B – The mid-tier characters in the game. Tier B characters aren’t the best or the worst, they’re just the mid-range characters whose stats and abilities don’t really stand out all that much.

Tier C – The second-to-worst characters in the game. Tier C characters definitely aren’t being sought out by anyone. These characters aren’t quite the worst options in the game, but they’re pretty close to it.

Tier D – The worst characters in the game. Tier D characters are the bottom-of-the-barrel characters with the very worst stats in Castle Crashers. Anyone who gets stuck with a Tier D character is bound to be disappointed.

This list will be based on Castle Crasher’s Arena Mode rather than its Campaign Mode.

Now that you’re caught up to speed on the ranking system, you can go ahead and keep on reading to find out how these characters stack up!

Tier S Characters

These are the very best characters in Castle Crashers for battling in the arena:

  • Blue Knight – Element: Ice
  • Saracen – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Pink Knight – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Iceskimo – Element: Ice
  • Snakey – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Brute – Element: Non-Elemental

Tier A Characters

These are the second-best characters in Castle Crashers to bring to the Arena:

  • Cult Minion – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Fire Demon – Element: Fire
  • Skeleton – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Ninja – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Industrialist – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Alien – Elements: Fire, Non-Elemental
  • Necromancer – Element: Non-Elemental

Tier B Characters

These are the mid-tier characters that don’t really stand out in Castle Crashers. They’re not bad, but they’re definitely not the best:

  • Green Knight – Element: Poison
  • Fencer – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Orange Knight – Element: Fire
  • Royal Guard – Elements: Non-Elemental, Fire
  • Bear – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Hatty Hattington – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Conehead – Elements: Non-Elemental, Fire
  • Stove Face – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Gray Knight – Elements: Non-Elemental, Fire
Castle Crashers Menu Screen
Image via The Behemoth

Tier C Characters

These characters are the second-worst characters that players can bring to the arena:

  • Open-Faced Gray Knight – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Peasant – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Thief – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Civilian – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Barbarian – Element: Non-Elemental

Tier D Characters

These are the very worst characters in Castle Crashers to bring to the arena:

  • Blacksmith – Elements: Non-Elemental, Fire
  • King – Element: Non-Elemental
  • Red Knight – Element: Electricity
  • Killer Beekeeper – Element: Non-Elemental

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Castle Crashers offers a diverse roster of characters, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Your choice of character depends on your preferred playstyle, whether you enjoy magic-wielding wizards, agile adventurers, or brawny warriors.

Keep in mind that tier lists are subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and gameplay strategies. Experiment with different characters to find the one that resonates with you the most!

This Castle Crashers character tier list is based on average opinions from the game’s fanbase, but, like any ranked list, it’s completely subjective and up to interpretation. If you love reading through tier lists for various games, then you’ll love reading through our lists for Summoner’s Greed and Slime Isekai Memories!

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