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Can You Skip Cutscenes in Forspoken?

Is there a way you can have less dialogue and more action?
Forspoken Can You Skip Cutscenes
Image via Luminous Productions

Forespoken is an action RPG with an open world for you to discover. It will put you in front of a diverse set of enemies that you can defeat with a wide range of spells and attacks that are unlocked throughout the whole game.

The protagonist Frey will have quite a bit of dialogue during the game and a lot of players have been asking themselves if this can be cut down. Read on to find out what we discovered.

Is Skipping Cutscenes Possible in Forspoken?

There will be numerous long and uninteresting cutscenes during the Forspoken campaign and unfortunately, those cutscenes can’t be skipped. That’s bad news for people looking to get the core of the information and move on to playing. Another thing you should be careful of is engaging in conversations with characters to whom you’ve just spoken. Doing that will load the unskippable cutscene again and you would have to wait it out.

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In addition to cutscenes, you will notice that there is an in-game dialogue between Frey and the Cuff on her hand. This dialogue doesn’t come in a cutscene but is instead activated from time to time while you travel the world or fight.

Luckily, this conversation with Cuff can be reduced to a minimum by visiting Settings, Accessibility settings, and Cuff settings. Here you can find Cuff Chat Frequency and set it to “Minimal”. This means that there will still be dialogue but that it will be reduced. It’s not like skipping cutscenes but it’s definitely something for those that like playing games undistrubed.

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