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Can You Return to the Slums in Stray After Leaving?

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Given the name of its title, you’re right in assuming Stray features our unnamed feline bouncing through many different locations. But just because our cat protagonist is on a quest to reunite with its family, doesn’t mean it doesn’t find several “homes” along the way. The first major location in Stray is the Slums, with its multiple hidden secrets and colorful cast of robots. Whether you’re looking for Energy Drinks, causing havok with paint cans, or tracking down those music sheets, there’s plenty to do. But can you return to the Slums when it’s time to move on in Stray?

Can You Return to the Slums in Stray After Leaving?

Fortunately for any completionists, you will visit the area three times during the game. So there are plenty of opportunities to wrap up any additional collectibles if you missed them during Stray’s first visit to the Slums. In fact, certain aspects of the Slums will only open up during your second time in the area. For those curious, here are the three events that trigger you to progress to the next level.

  • Once you meet Momo in his apartment after fixing the transmitter, it triggers a cut scene with the next objective. In addition, Momo shuts the window to his apartment preventing you from returning to the area again. From there, you will play the level The Rooftops, but good news, you will return to The Slums afterward.
  • The second time you leave the area is when you go into the Sewers to search for the Doc. Once you meet, the Doc’s son at the hatch door leading into the Sewer’s then you’re forced into a dangerous confrontation with Zurks. After beating this level, you will return for the final time to The Slums.
  • Fortunately, the game actually notifies you that you won’t return to the area for the…Fourth Time! That is if you bother to speak with the guard standing in front of the cast iron doors. So if you haven’t completed all of the optional objectives, this is your final opportunity. After that, you journey forward and the iron doors mercilessly shut behind you, ending the colorful time you had with your first major area.

While you have many intense encounters ahead with the Zurks and later Sentinels ahead, it’s important to note that the Slums won’t be the last encounter you have with Robot civilization. In fact, part of the game’s charm is often visiting these various hubs and discovering more about the history of the world.

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