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Can You Only Play One Wordle a Day?

Wordle is, by design, a game that you can only play once a day.
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Anyone who has fallen down the Wordle hole knows how addicting the simple word game is. You always want to try one more puzzle, whether it’s because you got one right and are on a success high, or you got one wrong and want revenge. But can you only play one Wordle a day?

Can You Only Play One Wordle a Day?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes. Wordle is, by design, a game that you can only play once a day. If everyone could just zoom ahead and solve all of the puzzles they want as fast as possible, the game’s social aspect, arguably the most important thing about it, would be completely shot. Part of the fun is finishing a puzzle in the morning and posting it online for all of your friends to compete against throughout the day.

Why Can’t You Play Wordle More than Once?

Aside from the practical reason I just explained, there’s also a technical reason. Wordle maintains an internal dictionary of 12,972 five-letter words, with an increased emphasis on around 2,500 of them. These words are selected by an internal algorithm every morning. You can’t play Wordle twice in the same day because that algorithm only ever has one or two words locked and loaded at a given time. If you were to manually set your device’s calendar a day ahead, you might be able to play tomorrow’s Wordle, but that’s as far as you could go.

Is There an Unlimited Wordle Game?

While you can only play the original Wordle once a day, if you’re really jonesing for more word puzzle action, there are plenty of alternatives with no such restriction. The most obvious one is Wordle Unlimited, which is literally just Wordle that you can play as much as you want. Thanks to its fanmade nature, it even comes in other languages besides English, such as Italian, French, Spanish, and German.

Once you finish the daily Wordle, there are lots of other fan-made Wordle games out there for you to continue your streak. You can Wordle your whole day away!

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