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Bright Memory Infinite: All Relics in “Changes” Level

There are 6 Relics to find within the first level alone!
BMI Relics

FYQD Studios’ melee-centric FPS title, Bright Memory: Infinite has a lot going for it in terms of the satisfaction that a player can get from its gameplay. From guns, melee combat, and the various abilities that you can upgrade throughout the game, there’s a lot to love. But unlocking those abilities and upgrading them isn’t free. To purchase them, you’re going to need to collect Relics; Jade-colored statuettes from around each level. Right now, we’ll divulge all of the Relic locations within Bright Memory: Infinite’s first level, Changes so that you can get a leg up on those unlocks/upgrades

All Relics in “Changes” Level

BMI Bridge Relic

Luckily for players, finding the Relics through each level is actually a pretty easy task to achieve, They aren’t always hidden too far off of the beaten path and will oftentimes be placed within the player’s view as they traverse each level’s map. There are a few though that aren’t as easily visibly seen as others, but our comprehensive list of all of the Relics locations in the Changes level will help you get as many as you can so that unlocks are that much easier. There are 6 in total to find, so let’s get into it!

  1. Your very first Relic will come directly after the first big confrontation with those Chinese warriors. It’ll be placed on a barrel directly in your line of sight as you follow the game’s path.
  2. The second one will be found along the wooden pathways that you’ll encounter shortly after the first Relic. This one can be found if you follow the wooden bridge on the right side near a log and shrubbery. You won’t be able to see it at first, just follow the path all the way down.
  3. After having successfully made your way through the narrow bamboo pathway of enemies, you’ll enter a small hole and stealth kill a guard via an animation. Once that’s done, head to your left as there’s a Relic just sitting on a table.
  4. After that, head the opposite way to your right and follow the deck that you’re on that way until you see another Relic on a table
  5. Shortly after that, you’ll fight a couple of waves of warriors again. Following your bout with them, you’ll be able to walk through a building with a Relic located on a table in the middle of the room.
  6. After you successfully beat the Tian Yu Emporer boss, grapple up to the tower where you’ll find the very last Relic of the level sitting right next to the giant bell on the left-hand side.

There are all of the locations of the Relics in the Changes level of Bright Memory: Infinite! Hopefully, this guide helps you acquire what you need to improve all of Shelia’s weapons and abilities as quickly as possible! She’s got some really cool combat options to offer after all is said and done. Good luck!

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