Borderlands 3 May 14 Hotfix Notes

Borderlands 3 May 14 Hotfix Notes

Today we have some new hotfixes for Borderlands 3, which include the new Loot the Universe Event for Nekrotafeyo until May 21 at 9:00 AM PT. Other changes include a brand new weapon and more. Here is a look at the Borderlands 3 May 14 hotfix notes.

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Borderlands 3 May 14 Hotfix Notes

To apply the hotfix, hang out in the main menu for a bit until you see a message saying “Hotfixes Applied”.

Loot the Universe – Nekrotafeyo

The final week of Loot the Universe Event is active on Nekrotafeyo from May 14 until May 21 at 9:00 AM PT. Here’s a full list of the Nekrotafeyo Drop Type Locations.

New Weapon

A new weapon has been added to Thunk and Sloth’s loot pool, and they increased the damage for it. The new weapon is the Mongol, and it has actually been in the game since release but would never actually drop. This means we have a brand new gun to check out in the game.

Other Changes

The developer notes say they have been working on changing a few things regarding loot drops and loot pools. Some things implement a bigger patch, though they have addressed a few issues with today’s hotfix.

Dedicated loot pools have been changed for Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite boss and mini-boss.

Official Patch Notes

  • Activate the Loot the Universe event on Nekrotafeyo until 9:00 AM PT on May 21!
  • Addressed a reported concern where Mayhem would occasionally not award cash, Eridium, or XP after death
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Legendary weapons Storm and Firestorm were sometimes not spawning their elemental orbs when fired
  • Removed the inaccurate “Anointed Gunner” text from weapons with the non-character-specific elemental critical hit Anointment
  • Added the Mongol to Thunk and Sloth’s item pool and increased its damage
  • Changed the dedicated loot pools for Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite‘s boss and mini-boss, Wotan and the Valkyrie Squad
  • Increased the chance for more than one Legendary to drop from the dedicated loot pools of the boss and mini-boss in Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

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