Best weapons in Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble is an action-packed battle royale game set in the Worms universe. There are various weapons to choose from, including some new and some old weapons players already know well. In this post, we’ll look at all the guns in Worms Rumble and discuss which ones are the best. 

There are currently three modes to choose from, including Deathmatch, Last Squad Standing, and Last Worm Standing. Deathmatch is all about the kills, while the other two are about survival. Take a look at the list of weapons so you understand how they work, and you can pick a loadout accordingly. 

Weapons in Worms Rumble

Here’s a look at all the weapons in Worms Rumble so far:

  • Bazooka: Old faithful. The staple of all Worm-based combat. It fires a single powerful rocket with a massive explosion radius.
  • Assault Rifle: This gun packs a real punch. Fully automatic with a high rate of fire and a large magazine size. It’s excellent at both long-range combat and taking on multiple enemy Worms.
  • Shotgun: Double the barrels, double the impact. The large spread of this weapon makes it a greater contended for both close and longe range fights.
  • Baseball Bat: Strike three, you’re out! The bat is great in tight spots. Use it to fight in close combat with your opponents, with the ability to knock Worms and projectiles back.
  • Hand Cannon: Do you feel lucky, punk? Point and pull the trigger to stop enemy Worms with this high impact, quick trigger semi-automatic pistol.
  • Sheep Launcher: Launch a high-velocity explosive sheep that will hunt down your foes and explode within proximity or when it times out.
  • Plasma Blaster: Unlimited power! A bouncing charge up energy weapon that can shoot around corners. Press and hold to fully charge up an explosive blast.
  • Rocket Shield: State of the art rocket propelled self-defense. Use this Rocket Shield to protect from incoming projectiles and explosives. It clears out nearby enemy Worms with its Rocket Bash functionality.
  • Sentry Launcher: It’s a gun that shoots guns. Take aim and fire at a wall or floor to deploy a personal defense system that shoots enemy Worms on sight.
  • Hammerhead: You won’t need a bigger gun! The Hammerhead packs a serious punch. Press and hold the trigger to open its jaws and loose off a superb volley of rockets.

Best Weapons to Pick

The best weapons to pick depend a lot on the mode you’re playing. In deathmatch, you have a few options to help you rack up those kills. Deaths really do not matter all that much, as it’s a time-based mode. For that reason, we would recommend gathering as many grenades as possible, and running with a Shotgun or Bazooka.

The Shotgun is hands-down the best weapon for close-range Worms combat. You can usually find one of these within under a minute of the round starting. Bazookas might be a little tougher to find, but they are another good option. Big explosions mean lots of damage, and the potential to steal some kills and increase your score. At the end of the day, it’s the number of enemy Worms you’ve taken down that matters.

If you’re playing Last Squad Standing, or even Last Worm Standing, you’ll want to focus a bit more on survivability items. Good options include Sentry Launcher for some self-defense, and the Rocket Shield. You can use the Sentry Launcher to set up a perimeter for you and your team, and a Rocket Shield to fend off attacks. It helps if you have a team composition with one or two damage dealers, and the remaining players acting as support.