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Best Weapon Types in Wandering Sword

They can't all be winners.

Wandering Sword is a martial arts RPG that allows you to become the ass-kicking hero of your dreams! As you can likely imagine, in the fast-paced world of Wandering Sword, the choice of your character’s weapon type plays a pivotal role in determining your combat style and effectiveness.

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From massive swords to melee weapons, Wandering Sword offers a diverse range of weapon types, each with its unique strengths and combat mechanics. Read on to find out more about all the best weapon types in Wandering Sword!

Best Weapon Types in Wandering Sword

There are currently 6 main weapon types in Wandering Sword: Swords, Sabers, Polearms, Fist Weapons, Hidden Weapons, and Others, which are weapons that just don’t really fit into any of the other 5 categories. The title of the best goes to Swords and Sabers.

If you’ve played through the game even once, you’ve likely noticed the game’s clear bias for swords. Swords just simply outperform every other weapon type in nearly every category; it’s obvious how the developers wanted their fans to play the game.

The only disadvantage to using swords is that, for the most part, they’re only ever able to attack in a straight line. This can cause trouble if you’re ever up against a large group of enemies, so make sure that your team has enough varied weapons at their disposal to counter this.

Even with their slight disadvantage, however, Swords are undoubtedly the most powerful weapons in the game, but a close second would definitely be Sabers.

Training in Wandering Sword
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Unlike Swords, Sabers focus on cone-shaped attacks that are devastating to enemies up close. Furthermore, Sabers specialize in hard-hitting AOE attacks that rival even Swords in terms of raw power.

If you’re trying to challenge yourself by avoiding Swords in Wandering Sword, then Sabers are your next best bet for victory!

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Can You Swap Weapons During Battle in Wandering Sword?

We’ve all been in a “brought a sword to a gunfight” scenario at one point or another, but is there any way to remedy this situation once the fight has already begun?

Unfortunately, there is no way to swap out your weapons mid-battle in Wandering Sword. If you made a mistake in bringing the wrong weapon to a fight, you’ve pretty much just got to suck it up and make the best of it.

In those types of scenarios, it’s best to focus on supporting your allies during the fight; as the new main sources of damage output, they’ll need to be protected.

Make sure that you’ve got a solid team of martial artists on your side so you’ll never be caught off guard during a fight again!

If you love playing fast-paced action games like Wandering Sword, which lets you play with all kinds of wicked weapons, then you would love Wayfinder and Dave the Diver! Both of these games have tons of wacky weapons for players to have fun with.

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