Best Units in Anime Adventures - Tier List
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Best Units in Anime Adventures – Tier List

Find out if your favorite anime character landed at the top of our list!
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Anime Adventures is the newest tower defense game in the Roblox universe. In which players will need to collect some of their favorite anime characters and use them to battle against an array of enemies. However, with their being dozens of heroes available, it can be hard to know which are best to build a team around.

Luckily, we here at Gamer Journalist have created an Anime Adventures tier list ranking all of the best units in the game.

Best Units in Anime Adventures – Tier List

It’s important to note that while all Anime Adventures units have bee judged based on their potential damage output and unique attributes. To make it to end game, you’re going to need some mythic, legendary and epic heroes. So, you will find that most of the top-rated characters fall into one of these three rarity levels.

Without further ado, here are the best units in Anime Adventures broken down into a tier list:

S Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Akainu (Mythic)
  • All Might (Mythic)
  • Broly (Mythic)
  • Katakuri (Mythic)
  • LeLouch (Secret)
  • Madara (Mythic)
  • Shanks (Mythic)
  • WhiteBeard (Mythic)

A Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Armin (Mythic)
  • BlackBeard (Legendary)
  • Bulma (Legendary)
  • Dio (Legendary)
  • Erwin (Legendary)
  • Future Gohan (Mythic)
  • Giorno (Legendary)
  • Levi (Mythic)
  • Naruto (Beast Cloak) (Mythic)
  • Pain (Legendary)

B Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Ace (Secret)
  • Diavolo (Mythic)
  • Goku Blue (Legendary)
  • Itachi (Legendary)
  • Jotaro (Epic)
  • Kakyoin (Epic)
  • Levi (Mythic)
  • Rengoku (Mythic)
  • SpeedWagon (Epic)

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C Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Eren (Legendary)
  • Freiza (Epic)
  • Garaa (Epic)
  • Ichigo (Hollow Mask) (Epic)
  • Killua (Epic)
  • Todoroki (Epic)
  • Zenitsu (Epic)

D Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Dabi (Legendary)
  • Genos (Epic)
  • Goku Pink (Legendary)
  • Inosuke (Epic)
  • Kakashi (Epic)
  • Overhaul (Epic)
  • Piccolo (Epic)

E Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Josuke (Rare)
  • Luffy (Rare)
  • Naruto (Rare)
  • Sakura (Rare)
  • Sanji (Rare)
  • Sasuke (Rare)
  • Tanjiro (Rare)
  • Vegeta (Rare)
  • Zoro (Rare)

F Tier Anime Adventures Units

  • Bakugo (Rare)
  • Deku (Rare)
  • Ichigo (Rare)
  • Jonathan (Rare)
  • Krillin (Rare)
  • Nezuko (Rare)
  • Uraraka (Rare)
  • Usopp (Rare)

That concludes our Anime Adventures tier list ranking all of the best units in the game. If you’re interested in more Roblox content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to farm XP in Rise of Nations or the best paying jobs in Roblox Southwest Florida.

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