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Best Tribe in The Battle of Polytopia

Here is the best tribe in the Battle of Polytopia
bardur in Polytopia
Screenshot by GJ / Midjiwan AB

The Battle of Polytopia is an incredible 4x strategy game that sees players facing off in civil war. Before each game, every player must pick a tribe to play, each with their own starting technology. There are many strategies for multiplayer combat in the game, each with their own merits and advantages depending on the procedurally generated terrain. But which tribe is the best?

Best Polytopia Tribe to Advance Quickly

There are some factors to consider when deciding the best tribe in the game. This also opens up a good question: Is Polytopia pay-to-win? There are the regular tribes that you can pay for, but there are also special tribes that bring unique technologies and units to the table that the other tribes won’t have access too. Is a more expensive tribe a better tribe?

The best tribe will the tribe that can dominate multiplayer, grow a quick strong economy, and develop advanced research quickly. Another factor to keep in mind is the faction’s resource availability. The quicker they can develop their capital, the stronger their income

Funnily enough, it turns out that the best tribe for multiplayer domination is not a special tribe. Nor is it even a paid tribe. That’s right, the best tribe in the game is free.

The Bardur tribe start with hunting, which quickly allows them to develop forestry. With hunting and forestry, and their lands being full to the brim with animals and trees, there is an abundance of population to exploit. Bardur players quickly find themselves with more resources than they can handle in the early game.

As the Bardur quickly ascends, the archer and catapult units are already on the horizon on their tech tree, allowing early domination. In multiplayer games, having quick access to catapults and archers is devastating, and with the insane rate they can grow, the volume that such units can be produced will crush any enemy.

Other ‘Best’ Tribes to Consider in Polytopia

promotional image for polytopia
image via Midjiwan AB

When looking at tribes, one may point to Yaddack, or the Ai-Mo, who already have a tier 2 research unlocked. Although it may seem that these tribes have a head start, players will still need to buy tier 1 research to develop their capital, so they hardly advance quickly in the first vital rounds.

You could look to the Vengir, who start with swordsmen, really strong units, but unless you’re playing a tiny 1 v 1 map, their initial strength doesn’t matter much, as the units are too expensive to push out in the early game and Vengir players still need to develop a tier 1 tech to begin with, anyway.

Both bring their own pros and cons to the table but pale in comparison to the Bardur tribe.

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