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Best Townhall Level 9 Base Layouts in Clash of Clans

A proper layout is crucial
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In the game Clash of Clans, your goal is to not only survive on your own but also to build a clan and participate in epic Clan Wars. A Townhall level 9 base has the ability to construct a layout for several uses, including farming and combat. Your next war could be decided by how well your town is constructed.

Brining a Townhall level 9 Base to War

You can start planning the layout of your townhall level 9 base after waiting the required 10 days for the upgrade and spending 3,000,000 gold. On this level, you will get additional structures such the Wizard Tower, Archer Tower, and Gold Storage. Additionally, the ability to build lava hounds and an upgrade hog riders is now accessible, along with the archer queen. All of these elements may be used to create the best townhall level 9 base layouts for war.

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The Goal of War

Be certain that you keep your goal in mind when selecting your layout. Storage is less crucial to defend if you are going all-out for trophies than a level 9 base layout for farming. Heroes and Hidden Teslas can be positioned to offer additional defense levels where they are most required. Another effective tactic is to position barracks and other non-combat structures outside of your defenses as a source of diversion.

Barbarians, wizards, and heroes are all awaiting you! Once you reach townhall level 9, you may access additional troops and heroes as well as max out the levels of some units, such the hog rider. You still have a few townhall levels to complete, but you should start to feel more influential in battle. Your success in the clash of clans warfare will be largely dependent on how you set up your base.

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