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Best Team Builds Against Pokémon Team Star Base Leaders Scarlet and Violet

Take down Team Star!
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Team Star are the latest group of gangs that are introduced in the Pokemon franchise. We have had plenty of interesting looking gangs during our Pokemon journey, however what’s new with Team Star, are the battles. You need to find different bases around the region, infiltrate them, and take down the gym leader. These battles are different in terms of the mechanics. You need to first beat the guard in front of the door, once you won, you will be asked to go into the base. You have ten minutes to clear out 30 Pokemon inside with only three of your Pokemon. After you win you can fight the base leader. The pressure is on! Here are the best team builds against Pokemon Star Base leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Team Bases in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

You have five crews you’re going to want to take down. Those five crews deal with Pokemon types that are dark, fire, poison, fairy, and fighting. This means you’re going to need to find Pokemon that specialize in move such as bug, fairy, fighting and so on. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you so you don’t have to do all the work. The hard fights come towards the end when each crew leader takes out a modified Revavroom or what they’d like to call him the Starmobile. Just remember each crew as a special Revavroom that matches their type. Instead of Revavroom being a steel/poison type it’s going to be something else. Ready for this team build? Let’s get this started!

Dark Crew: Giacomo Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

This is your introduction to base fights and after you’ve defeated thirty Pokemon you’re going to want to prepare for the next fight, which is facing off against Giacomo. He’s a DJ who has two Pokemon at his disposal. He uses Pawniard and Revavroom, or the Segin Starmobile. These Pokemon are level 21 so make sure to bring either bug, fairy, or fighting types! This battle is fairly easy and is basically the tutorial for what’s to happen in the future.

  • Tinkatuff (when fighting Pawniard)
  • Starter Pokemon (fire weakness)
  • Lokik (bug weakness)
  • Crabrawler (fighting weakness)
  • Flabebe (fairy weakness)
  • Primeape (fighting weakness)

Fire Crew: Mela Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

Mela is the fire type base leader and she specializes in fire type Pokemon. She only has two Pokemon she’ll be using so you need to find something that can take down Torkoal and Schedar Starmobile (revavroom). Torkoal is her highest Pokemon at level 27 so make sure you bring a team that can handle that level. Make sure you find a Pokemon who is great at ground, water, and rock moves! This will help you in this fight. It’s a pretty easy fight since it’s still one of the beginning bases.

  • Starter Pokemon (Quaxwell preferably)
  • Paldean Whooper (ground weakness)
  • Buizel (water weakness)
  • Basculin (water weakness)
  • Nacli (rock weakness)
  • Psyduck (water weakness)

Poison Crew: Atticus Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

Atticus is a sophisticated ninja who is the designer of the star gang. He specializes in poison and has Pokemon ranging from 30-32. Now that you have figured out the mechanics behind these battles it’s starting to get serious. Atticus has four Pokemon in this fight and they have some dual types which could be problematic for some people. The Pokemon he uses in battle are: Skuntank, Revavroom, Muk, Navi Starmobile (revavroom). Here’s the Pokemon we recommend since he’s weak against ground and psychic.

  • Paladean Whooper (ground weakness)
  • Dugtrio (ground weakness)
  • Espathra (psychic weakness)
  • Hattrem (psychic weakness)
  • Charcadet (fire effective)
  • Clodsire (ground weakness)

Fairy Crew: Ortega Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

Ortega is a fairy type leader who is part of the Team Star organization. He specializes in fairy moves and if you don’t have Pokemon that are over level 50 you’re going to want to hold off on this one. The highest Pokemon Ortega has is level 51, so anything above that, should be good. He uses Azumarill in battle and due to it being a duel type there are some Pokemon that could beat him easily. His party consists of these Pokemon: Azumarill, Wigglytuff, Dachsbun, Ruchbach (Revavroom). You’re going to want to bring Pokemon that know electric, grass, poison and steel moves. Here are our Pokemon recommendations for this fight!

  • Starter Pokemon (Meowscarda preferably)
  • Foongus (grass weakness)
  • Bellibolt (electric weakness)
  • Clodsire (poison weakness)
  • Shroodle (poison weakness)
  • Tinkaton (steel weakness)

Fighting Crew: Eri Pokemon Violet and Scarlet

The last base would have to belong to Eri the fighting type leader. This is the last base you will need to work on, and if you’ve been fighting gyms and collecting badges, you should have no problem having Pokemon equipped for this fight. Eri will have five Pokemon she will be using for the fight and the highest level is 56. She specializes in fighting, however, some of her Pokemon are duel types. The types she has are steel, fighting, and ghost. You will want to bring Pokemon that have flying, psychic, fire, ghost or fairy. Here’s who we recommend you bring for the last fight.

  • Starter Pokemon (Skeledirge preferably)
  • Ceruledge (ghost weakness)
  • Grumpig (psychic weakness)
  • Braviary (flying weakness)
  • Mismagius (ghost weakness)
  • Tinkaton (steel weakness)

That’s everything you need to know about gym leaders and who you need to bring in battle with you in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! For more Pokémon Scarlet and Violet content, be sure to check out our posts! We’re covering everything about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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