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Top 20 Best Starter Words in Wordle

Win more at Wordle by picking the best opening guesses.
Best Starter Words for Wordle

Wordles popularity seems to know no bounds. It’s a simple game with the objective of guessing a word from a total of six attempts. Each guess will give you clues about the letters in the final word. Although some players claim that strategy doesn’t play a significant role in the game, some words are undoubtedly better openings than others. Read on to see what some of the best and worst opening words are in Wordle

Best Starter Words in Wordle

Here is our list of the best five letter opening words for Wordle. Keep reading below to see why these words are superior and how you can find other words to help you win at Wordle.

Top 3 Best Wordle Starter Words

These are what we consider to be the best starting words in Wordle:


Other Top Wordle Starter Words (in alphabetical order)


How to Pick a Good Starter Word in Wordle

We can make some simple rules to follow when picking a good starter word. First, we want to choose a word covering a decent number of vowels. 

A – E – I – O – U

We especially want to prioritize A and E since they are the most common vowels in the English language. Next, we want to pick some consonants. Among all the consonants, RS, and T are the most popular in that order.

We can see that TEARS and LARES are excellent starter words from our criteria. They each have both the most popular vowels and three of the most popular consonants. ADIEU is another great choice, with four of its letters being vowels. 

Letter and Words to Avoid as Starters in Wordle

When choosing our openers, we want to avoid using the least popular letter in our words. These letters include: 

J K Q V W X and Z

Of course, this rule only applies to the first few guesses. Our final word could contain these letters. As a major rule, we also want to avoid any words that have repeat letters in them, such as Fuffy or Puffy. Choosing words like that would essentially waste our guessing real estate. 

See if you’re more successful at Wordle with our top words list and opening word strategy. If you have any words or strategies that have been working exceptionally well for you, feel free to reach out and share them with us. If you want to try out some other word games like Wordle check out our Games Similar to Wordle list.

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