Today's Wordle Answers (May 2022)
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Wordle Answers (May 2022)

We have the daily Wordle answers, as well as a look at all the historical solutions for the month!
Wordle Answers
Image via Gamer Journalist.

Wordle can be hard. Like, really, really, hard. It’s for that reason alone that no one can possibly blame you for seeking answers online. If a word game in 2022 uses words that were predominantly used in 1842, someone involved in the creation of the game enjoys seeing people suffer.

Wordle can also be fun. Like, really, really, fun. It can be just as exciting to participate in the social element as it is to play the game itself. Wordle challenges players with a unique daily word, and gives them only six chances to guess it with the clues provided. If you get it wrong, you’re forced to live with the shame and angst of a thousand suns. If you get it right, it’s just an ordinary day.

So, to avoid said shame and angst, we here at Gamer Journalist would like to extend an olive branch to the average Wordle connoisseur. Instead of only giving the answers, we’ll start by offering up hints. If, after considering the hints, you cannot seem to figure out what the word is, then you can scroll down to find the answers. And, as I mentioned before, there is no shame in skipping ahead to the answers.

If you bookmark this page, you’ll be able to incorporate it into your morning routine. But, be warned — if you decide to continue scrolling, you surrender the right to complain about spoilers. Also, don’t be the kind of person who brags about getting the answer right when all you did was read this page. I have a five-letter word for people like that: BRUSK.

It’s that time again! As is the usual, we won’t immediately give today’s word away, but rather, I’ll offer hints to help you reach the answer on your own. If you still can’t get it after the hints — again, no shame, this game can be difficult — then at that point, we’ll give away the correct answer.

Today’s Wordle Hints

It’s that time again! As is the usual, we won’t immediately give today’s word away, but rather, I’ll offer hints to help you reach the answer on your own. If you still can’t get it after the hints — again, no shame, this game can be difficult — then at that point, we’ll give away the correct answer.

So, here are the clues for May 21, 2022:

  • There is ONE vowel in today’s word.
  • This word has origins in Old Norse and late Middle English. 
  • There is ONE syllable in today’s word.

*to be clear, when I say vowel, I am referring to A, E, I, O, and U. 

We can imagine that you’ve figured out today’s word by now, but just in case … 

Here’s a BONUS CLUE for you: In the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, this is a word used to describe animatronics that have fallen into a state of disrepair. 

If you’re still confused about today’s word of the day, let’s proceed to the answer:

Today’s (May 21) Wordle Answer

The Wordle for today, May 21, is SCRAP. 

Did you get the correct answer? If not, better luck tomorrow!

The Meaning Behind Today’s Wordle

Wordle SCRAP
Image via Wordle

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines SCRAP as: fragments of discarded or leftover food. It can also be interpreted as a small detached piece of something, a fragment of something written, printed, or spoken, or the least bit (as used in the phrase ‘not a scrap of evidence’). 

First used in the 14th century, today’s word is rooted in the Old Norse skrap, meaning “scraps; trifles,” which in turn is rooted in skrapa, meaning “to scrape, scratch, cut” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary. It can also be defined as a fight, struggle or tussle.

In today’s strategy, I decided to use the starter word JACKS, which lets us know immediately that the letters A, C, and S are present, though misplaced. This doesn’t reduce our word pool quite yet, so let’s keep moving. In a way, we are chasing today’s word of the day, so let’s try CHASE.

No dice. CHASE just tells us what we already know, that A, C, and S are somewhere in this word. I guess the chase continues, huh? Let’s try FACTS — oof. Again, it doesn’t provide us with any new information, we still only know that A, C, and S are in the word somewhere

OK — we’re on our fourth attempt, and we have no confirmed words. But, if you’ve been using the handy Wordle Helper Tool provided by the Gamer Journalist team, you’ll see that we’ve cut down our word pool to around 31 possible options. Plus, when you consider that we know three out of five letters …

Is it SCRAP? Whoa. It is SCRAP. Well, then! Congratulations, Wordlers!

Yesterday’s Wordle Answer

Image via Wordle

The Wordle for today, May 20, is GAMER. 

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines GAMER as a player who is game, or a person who plays games. I have to admit, this one is particularly interesting because … I mean, this is a website called Gamer Journalist. Its earliest usage as a descriptor dates back to the mid-15th century to refer to “an athlete.” Before then, in the mid-13th century, it was known to be a surname, but the modern meaning of the word (video-gamer) dates back to 1981, and even earlier when in reference to Dungeons & Dragons. 

I won’t lie, valued readers: today’s strategy is going to be a short one, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s the perfect word given what we do and who we are. I started things off with HEAVY, only to find that E and A (which is also perfect, for another gaming-related reason) were present, though misplaced. H, V, and Y were eliminated, which didn’t reduce the total possibilities all that much. 

It’s then that I tried GATED, which confirmed G in the first space, A in the second, and E in the second from last. This word eliminated the letters T and D, which reduced the total word pool to 13 options. I saw the word GAMER in there and, I’ll admit, part of me wanted that to be the correct answer. I willed it to be the word of the day, and so it was. I believe that can be considered an epic gamer moment

May Wordle Answers

  • Wordle 335 (May 20) – GAMER
  • Wordle 334 (May 19) – GLASS
  • Wordle 333 (May 18) – SCOUR
  • Wordle 332 (May 17) – BEING
  • Wordle 331 (May 16) – DELVE
  • Wordle 330 (May 15) – YIELD
  • Wordle 329 (May 14) – METAL
  • Wordle 328 (May 13) – TIPSY
  • Wordle 327 (May 12) – SLUNG
  • Wordle 326 (May 11) – FARCE
  • Wordle 325 (May 10) – GECKO
  • Wordle 324 (May 9) – SHINE
  • Wordle 323 (May 8) – CANNY
  • Wordle 322 (May 7) – MIDST
  • Wordle 321 (May 6) – BADGE
  • Wordle 320 (May 5) – HOMER
  • Wordle 319 (May 4) – TRAIN
  • Wordle 318 (May 3) – HAIRY
  • Wordle 317 (May 2) – STORY
  • Wordle 316 (May 1) – FORGO

April Wordle Answers

  • Wordle 315 (April 30) – LARVA
  • Wordle 314 (April 29) – TRASH
  • Wordle 313 (April 28) – ZESTY
  • Wordle 312 (April 27) – SHOWN
  • Wordle 311 (April 26) – HEIST
  • Wordle 310 (April 25) – ASKEW
  • Wordle 309 (April 24) – INERT
  • Wordle 308 (April 23) – OLIVE
  • Wordle 307 (April 22) – PLANT
  • Wordle 306 (April 21) – OXIDE
  • Wordle 305 (April 20) – CARGO
  • Wordle 304 (April 19) – FOYER
  • Wordle 303 (April 18) – FLAIR
  • Wordle 302 (April 17) – AMPLE
  • Wordle 301 (April 16) – CHEEK
  • Wordle 300 (April 15) – SHAME
  • Wordle 299 (April 14) – MINCE
  • Wordle 298 (April 13) – CHUNK
  • Wordle 297 (April 12) – ROYAL
  • Wordle 296 (April 11) – SQUAD
  • Wordle 295 (April 10) – BLACK
  • Wordle 294 (April 9) – STAIR
  • Wordle 293 (April 8) – SCARE
  • Wordle 292 (April 7) – FORAY
  • Wordle 291 (April 6) – COMMA
  • Wordle 290 (April 5) – NATAL
  • Wordle 289 (April 4) – SHAWL
  • Wordle 288 (April 3) – FEWER
  • Wordle 287 (April 2) – TROPE
  • Wordle 286 (April 1) – SNOUT

Wordle Answers FAQ

How does Wordle work?

Wordle at its heart is a puzzle game, think Sudoku or crossword puzzles but for the digital age. Currently, you can play Wordle from the official New York Times website. It’s free to play as well. While there’s no official mobile app (don’t get fooled by clones), you can still play from your mobile. The goal of Wordle is to guess a five-letter word in a limited number of chances.

How do you play?

The objective is to guess the hidden WORDLE in six attempts or less. Each guess must be a five-letter word, and the color of the tiles will show you how close you are to the answer. Green letters mean the letter is in the Wordle at the exact location. Yellow letters mean the letter is in the Wordle in a different location.

What Is the optimal strategy for Wordle?

It’s better to go into the game with a strategy than blindly guessing. While any letter can appear in the game, some letters have better statistical odds than others. The following nine letters appear more often than others: A, I, N, L, 0, E, I, S, R, T. In fact, with the letter E, you can almost cut the number of guesses in half. There’s a total of 1,259 words that don’t have E and 1,056 words with an E.

It may be tempting to try multiple vowels, but you have much better odds if you guess words that have only one vowel. From there you can help narrow things down. But don’t be afraid to break out the dictionary or use our Wordle helper if you get truly stumped.

How do you share results?

After solving a puzzle, a box will pop up with your results. You can tap on the green share button to copy your results to the clipboard and share them. If you accidentally closed the popup, you can tap on the statistics button at the top of the page. After tapping the share button, you can press CTRL+V to share your results!

When Does the Wordle Reset?

A new Wordle is available every day at midnight local time.

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