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Best 5 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Images

The images uploaded by Shadow of War players are fantastic!
Middle Earth Shadow of War Dragon Battle
Image via Monolith Productions/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Warner Bros. Games’ Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was originally released in October of 2017, and though it’s been 5 years since then, the game has continued to live on with a large following of fans. Something that’s aged pretty well since 2017, surprisingly, is the game’s visuals.

Through its unique art style that meshes realism and fantasy together, Shadow of War still looks as good as ever even against newer titles released. Today we’ll show off the best 5 Shadow of War images, all of which have been uploaded by users recently. Let’s check them out!

Best 5 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Images

The images we’ve chosen really show off just how great Shadow of War still looks, as it’s a technical marvel honestly. The images also range from the early stages of the game right up to the ending. Though, not too many spoilers can be found here, per se. Nothing will be spoiled if you have yet to play this gem.


Shadow of War Mordor
Image via Reddit user u/biolan

Taken from the early stages of the game, this image shows the vastness of the map that Warner Bros. Games makes traversable in Shadow of War. This game is huge but you don’t ever really think about it until you see images like this with vast open areas. It really makes you appreciate how much work had gone into creating this entire game.


Shadow of War Face-off
Image via Twitter user @infamouslars

This image really caught my eye for a number of reasons. Firstly, getting this face-off shot between an Orc and Talion is perfect, and I’d even use this image as a wallpaper on my desktop it’s so good. Another thing about this image is the fact that the details are really fantastic. In the Orc’s arm, you can see blood vessels, as well as sun damage to the skin all over his body. There is just so much that went into creating character models that it’s nothing short of amazing. It also makes me think about the glorious mechanic that is the Nemesis System which is still a gold-standard part of gaming innovation.

The Barrows

Shadow of War The Barrows
Image via Twitter user @adam_the_chuck

This image really highlights the fact that Shadow of War isn’t just a one-trick pony. Yes, there are huge vistas throughout its open world but there are also closed-in locations with tons of detail. It’s incredible that the team was able to craft areas like this. They almost feel like images from another game but in a good way. There’s a huge contrast between the scorched-earth look of the Mordor plains as compared to these culture-rich areas such as The Barrows.

The Balrog

Shadow of War Balrog
Image via Twitter user @Ayghan

This image is quite possibly my favorite due in part to just how insanely cool it is. Seeing Talion make his way towards the Eye of Sauron with a Balrog standing in between them is just hardcore. You can almost hear the cinematic music playing, just by looking at this image. The detailing on the Balrog is also fantastic as well as the lighting from all of the fire and flames throughout.

The True Ending

Shadow of War True Ending
Image via Twitter user @24arjonathan

Though I won’t spoil anything, this image is really fantastic in what it tells about the story’s finale. You get the sense of a battle fought hard and a long journey finally coming to an end. The sword in the foreground with the beautiful buildings above, while Talion makes his way through the sun-filled valley is just poetically done.

That’s our list of the 5 best images from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. I’m so happy with how this game looks after all of these years. It holds up so well in many ways and still deserves to be experienced by new players. Let’s hope that more players continue to upload their fantastic photos from the game.

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