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It’s kind of wild to me that people still play MapleStory. Not that I’m disparaging it, of course, it’s just that MapleStory was around back when I was in middle school, so to see it still being played makes me feel old. It’s still a widely-enjoyed game, though, especially if you can curate it with an experience closer to what you’re looking for. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should consider joining a private server rather than one of the public servers. Here’s a list of the best MapleStory private servers.

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Best MapleStory Private Servers

Based on a combination of general user metrics, reputation, and features, there are five private MapleStory servers you may find interesting:

  • MapleRoyals
  • MapleLegends
  • Windia
  • Dream MS
  • AriesMS


MapleRoyals is all about the good ol’ days of MapleStory, preserving the gameplay and game feel of its earliest iterations. Barring quality-of-life fixes and tweaks, this server does its best to preserve MapleStory how it was in its halcyon days.


In a similar vein to MapleRoyals, MapleLegends is big on classic MapleStory gameplay. However, since the original game was a bit lacking in content compared to nowadays, MapleLegends does its best to bring modern MapleStory content in to keep things fresh, all while tweaking it to better fit within the classic framework.


Windia is a server for hardcore MapleStory players, the ones who want the best possible experience the game can offer. As one of the only dedicated v84 servers, Windia has been tailor-made from the ground up to offer the most convenience and stability in its gameplay, from custom modes and overhauled game balance to professionally-made anti-cheat services. It’s even Steam Deck compatible!

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Dream MS

Dream MS is designed for those who want to enjoy MapleStory at their own pace, with a greater emphasis on the game’s community aspects than its gameplay aspects. Special systems allow you to freely explore and experiment with the game’s classes, while custom scripts and widgets provide an experience that’s accessible to anyone.


The polar opposite of servers like MapleRoyals and MapleLegends, AriesMS is all about making MapleStory bigger and better. Rather than sticking with established elements and storylines, the developers of AriesMS have created brand new content from scratch to keep the playerbase engaged, up to and including proper post-game content.

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