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When you are building your dream squad in Football Manager 2024, it is important to pay attention and do a detailed study of every single position in the team. Such is the case with fullbacks, right and left, who have an important role both in defense and attack. Here is the list of best fullbacks in FM24.

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Best Fullbacks in Football Manager 2024

Right backs

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Many football fans are of the opinion that Liverpools’ Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson are the best fullback duo in the world. Alexander-Arnold (25) will forever be remembered for that tricky corner against Barcelona when he caught the entire defense asleep and found Origi with a quick cross to score.

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That he really is one of the best can be seen from his ratings. Trent’s Passing is 18, Crossing, First Touch, and Technique are 17, and his Vision is 16. He does really well in the opponent’s half of the field. With his killer cross, he finds his teammates precisely in the penalty area. If you play in a formation with attacking full-backs, then this Liverpool kid is the right choice for you.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo

Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo (30) is another excellent option for a right-back. An interesting fact about this Italian national team member is that he debuted in the top tier of Italian football in not so far 2019.

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The best technical attributes of Di Lorenzo are Heading (17) and Tackling (16). He is a very Brave (16) and Determined (17) player, with an excellent sense of Teamwork (17) and an admirable Work Rate (17). His advantage is that he will quickly enter into proper fitness, with Natural Fitness at 18 and Balance at 16. Di Lorenzo would be an excellent addition to any squad aiming for trophies.

Kieran Trippier

An indispensable player for Newcastle United. Trippier (33) has vast experience behind him and is an excellent option on the right side of the pitch.

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Although he is entering the final stage of his career, the former England national team member still has some very good ratings. His Corners are 17, Crossing is 16, as well as the Passing and the Technique. He would also be an excellent choice for a captain with Leadership at 18 and Teamwork at 17. Lack of pace is compensated with Stamina (16) and Natural Fitness (16).

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Wan-Bissaka is a well-known name at Old Trafford since he’s been playing for Manchester United since 2019. He is a fast, strong, and resilient right-back.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

Potential England international has a maximum rating of 20 for Tackling. Bravery is also high – 18, as well as Aggression and Teamwork (15). As a physically strong player, Wan-Bisakka has Acceleration of 17, Agility of 18, and Natural Fitness of 15. He is a great choice for your team if you like your fullbacks to be more focused on defensive tasks instead of rushing out to the attack.

Oscar Mingueza

One of the “under the radar” players. Playing for Celta in Spanish La Liga, this 24-year-old Spaniard has proven himself to be quite an option on right-back. The price for which you can sign him is also reasonable and varies between 9,8 and 11,5 million euros.

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He would be a great asset for mid-tier clubs because his ratings are rather modest, but don’t let that fool you. His highest rating is his Work Rate (16), followed by Tackling (15), Bravery (15), and Determination (15).

Lukas Klostermann

Another player from the “under the radar” part of the list. Klostermann plays for Bundesliga side RB Leipzig and can be signed for 11-16,5 million euros. He can also play as a center-back, but his main position is right-back.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

He is an exceptionally fast player with a Pace of 17 and an Acceleration of 15. Also, Klostermann is a great team player, with Teamwork at 16 and a Work Rate of 15. An excellent option for a defensive right-back if you like your team to play that way.

Davide Calabria

Another Italian player on this list. A player of AC Milan, Calabria in recent seasons grew into a very good right-back, with a focus on the defense. His price is around 17 and 26 million euros, so you’ll have to splash the cash if you want to sign him.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

Calabria performs his defensive duties particularly well. His Tackling (16), Work Rate (16), and Determination (16) are his strongest assets. Stamina (15) and Agility (15) are also on a high level. The Italy national team member is a good transfer target if you are managing a top-tier club but struggling with finances at the moment.

Juan Foyth

Let’s go to South America for a moment and check this Argentinian. Foyth plays for Villareal in Spain, and at 25, he is entering his best football age. His price is really high, between 24 and 36 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

Brave (16) and Composed (16), Foyth is like a wall in defense. His Tackling (16) is formidable, and being 187 cm tall, Heading (15) is also his strong suit. If you want to strengthen your defense and have a reliable option on its right side, prepare the money and sign Foyth without a doubt.

Vladimir Coufal

A Central European gem made it to this list. Having joined West Ham from Slavia Prague in 2020, Coufal (30) made quite a career in England, even winning a European trophy in the process. His price is between 21 and 26 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

In total, Chezch player is a balanced and steady defender for his team. If you need an experienced and well-adjusted right-back, then Vladimir Coufal is your man. His highest ratings are Stamina (16), Balance (16), Work Rate (16), Determination (17), Bravery (17), and Tackling (15).

Ben White

The final right-back on our top 10 list is Arsenals’ Ben White (25). White is a positional player from whom you get the sense he is always in the right place on the pitch whenever he’s needed.

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That’s probably why Anticipation and Positioning (16) are amongst his highest ratings, alongside Composure (16), Determination (16), and Teamwork (16). He is at his best football age, so consider bringing him to your side, as he would be an excellent addition.

Left backs

Andy Robertson

As was the case with the list of right-backs, for the top 10 left-backs, we also start with a Liverpool player. Andy Robertson (29) is part of a top-class fullback duo alongside his colleague Trent Alexander-Arnold. That’s why he is extremely expensive – 120-181 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

Robertson (29) is a classic attacking fullback, with excellent Crossing (16) and First Touch (15) abilities. He is also very fast, with Acceleration and Pace at 16. Scotsman is a fairly Aggressive (17) player who cherishes Teamwork (16) and has a high Work Rate (16).

Alphonso Davies

Canada captain and Bayern Munich player Alphonso Davies is the definition of an attacking fullback. He is one of the most valued players in this position and that’s why his price is from 84 to 126 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

With his speed superiority (Acceleration and Pace are 19), he runs from one half of the field to the other one in a matter of seconds. Davies is a hard worker with a Work Rate of 16 and a Determination of 17. He is also an excellent Dribbler (17), which is unusual for a defensive player. Definitely worth his value, but you’ll be able to afford him only if you manage one of the richest clubs

Federico Dimarco

Federico Dimarco (25) has flourished since he arrived at Inter in 2018. Last season, he played in the Champions League final, and because of all that, his value is high – from 61 to 92 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

He is an attacking fullback with exceptional Technical skills. Set pieces are his strong suit – Corners and Free Kick Taking are both at 16. His Crosses (18) are always dangerous, and so are his Long Shots (17). Dimarco is a hard-working (17) team player (18) who always gives all that he has for his team to win the game.

Nuno Mendes

One of the younger players on our list. Nuno Mendes (21) is a PSG and Portugal national team member with a bright future ahead of him. His market value says it all since he is valued between 123 and 185 million euros.

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Mendes is extremely fast, with Acceleration and Pace at 17, which makes the transition easy for him. His Natural Fitness is 17, so he can endure high tempo in the matches. There is room for progress in the Technical part of ratings, but let’s not forget his age. Note that if you are planning to sign him, he won’t be able to play for the first 7 to 8 months because of the injury.

Theo Hernandez

Theo Hernández’s main strengths lie in his speed, jump, and power. He is one of the key players both for the AC Milan team and the France national team. He’s valued between 73 and 92 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

The highest ratings of Hernández (25) include the Physical ones – Acceleration (17), Balance (16), Pace (18) and Stamina (16). Pretty impressive, isn’t it? If you decide to sign the Frenchman, you will be at peace on the left flank for years to come.

Alejandro Balde

The youngest player on this list. Balde (19) is the future of FC Barcelona and the Spain national team. He is already valued at 65-97 million euros, so you can say that we’re talking about a wonderkid.

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His potential ability is enormous, but so far his main strengths lie in his physical abilities – Acceleration (17), Agility (17), and Pace (17). Other decent ratings of Alejandro Balde are Off The Ball (15), Determination (14), and First Touch (14). Sign him if you want to secure your future.

Oleksandr Zinchenko

After spending six seasons at Manchester City, Oleksandr Zinchenko transferred to Arsenal and flourished. He became an exceptional fullback every manager would want in his team. His market value is between 176 and 196 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

Zinchenko (26) has mental strength like no other – Determination (18), Anticipation (16), Composure (16), and Work Rate (16). He also has fairly decent Crossing (13), Passing (15), and a very good Technique (16).

Luke Shaw

England’s and Manchester United’s starting left-back Luke Shaw (27) is a hard-working player who likes to cover both sides of the pitch. His value is between 126 and 152 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

Shaw (27) doesn’t have too many exceptionally high ratings, but none of his ratings are low. Strength (16), Acceleration (15), Agility (15), and Balance (15) are strong. His Crossing is 14 as well as the Dribbling. Bringing him to your team will get you a stable and strong player by your side.

Kieran Tierney

We have another Scotsman here. Kieran Tierney (26) left the island for the first time in his career and transferred to Real San Sebastian. He is now valued between 47 and 59 million euros.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

With a driven personality, Tierney relies mostly on his Physical attributes (Acceleration 15, Agility 15, Balance 15) and Mental ones. He is a good addition to your team regarding defensive duties.

Marc Cucurella

He has been criticized for his appearances for Chelsea, but Mark Cucurella (24) is actually a useful player. Valued between 47 and 70 million euros, Cucurella can play on all of the positions on the left side of the pitch.

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist/Sports Interactive

He is fast – Acceleration and Pace are at 16. His Anticipation is also fairly high, as well as Off The Ball or Aggression. Cucurella is a solid option to sign for mid-tier clubs and even struggling top tiers.

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