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Whether you are playing Ultimate Mode or Career Mode in EA FC 24, if you are managing a mid-tier club with a modest budget, then you are looking for fairly cheap players to strengthen your squad. We present you a list of top but totally affordable players you could bring.

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Cheap Players EA FC 24

You will be surprised how many players are available and whose transfer prices are not in the range of those paid by the strongest and richest clubs. We highlight ten such players for you.

Jeremie Frimpong

Everyone’s favorite player in FIFA 23 is back in EA FC 24 to make your right side of the team stronger and faster. You can get him for around 2.000 coins, depending on whether you play on PC or on PlayStation. Frimpong (22) is a Dutchman playing for Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen.

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What adorns this right fullback/winger the most is his speed. His Acceleration is 96, and Sprint Speed is 92. Frimpong also has some respectable dribbling skills, with some ratings under that section going over 90 – Agility (91), Balance (90), and Dribbling (85). Dutchman’s PlayStyles are Rapid, Flair, and Quick Step.

Note that he is great to be linked with players such as his fellow Dutchmen Frenkie De Jong and Virgil Van Dijk. Other players Frimpong would like to play with are Bundesliga defenders.


You could easily say that Bremer is one of the most underrated defenders. He can join your team for a price of around 3.000 coins. The low price is probably because of his 2-star rating, but if you sign him, you will notice that he is definitely an overperformer.

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The Brazilian’s (26) best ratings come from the Defending section. His Standing Tackles are 87, Heading Accuracy 85, and Def Awareness and Interceptions are 84. He is also an excellent jumper since his Jumping rating is 92. Bremer’s PlayStyles are Power Header, Block, Bruiser, and Aerial.

You can pair Bremer with his Brazilians who are also defenders like Marquinhos and Eder Militao. When he was part of my team, he was like a tank against the opposing forwards, cleaning them out of his way.

Eduardo Camavinga

Carlo Ancelotti’s favorite hidden asset in Real Madrid has a similar status in EA FC 24. His price is shockingly low, around 1.300 coins. French international is a versatile player able to play as a central midfielder and left back.

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Camavinga (21) possesses Ball Control of 86, Composure of 82, and Agility of 81. His passing skills are also good, with Shot Passing at 85 and Long Passing at 84. Frenchman’s PlayStyles are Jockey, Block, Bruiser, Technical, and Flair.

Like in real life, Camavinga is an extremely useful player who can cover multiple positions, and get the job done in both defense and attack. I know I like having him on my team as an always-available backup option.

Gabriel Jesus

The former Manchester City forward is an excellent and cheap option for you to strengthen your attack. You can sign him for around 2.800 to 3.400 coins. Gabriel Jesus (26) can play as a striker and as a right winger.

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Besides his Positioning (88), Acceleration (86), and Shot Power (84), he also possesses great Agility (92), Balance (90), and Dribbling (88). He also has high Stamina (82), Jumping (87), and Sprint Speed (81). His PlayStyles are Technical, Flair, First Touch, and Relentless.

You get the impression that Gabriel Jesus still hasn’t shown everything he knows to the football world. So if you want a goal machine determined to prove his worth, make sure that the Brazilian is a part of your team.

Moussa Diaby

Aston Villa’s right winger can become a player in your team for 4.400 coins. He can also cover the left of the pitch, so Diaby (24) is a very good option for midfield. Speed and dribbling are his main assets.

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His Acceleration and Sprint Speed are 95, Balance is 93, and Agility is 92. Dribbling stands at 87, Ball Control at 85, Shot Passing at 80, as well as Finishing. Diaby’s PlayStyles are Quick Step, Rapid, and First Touch.

If you want to create a tandem with Diaby involved, make sure to sign at least one Frenchman and at least one player who can follow him in terms of speed and agility. Only then you will reach his full potential.

Nathan Aké

The center-back of European and English champions can be signed for a shocking price of 800 to 950 coins. The 81 overall rating can fool you into thinking he is not a good transfer target, but trust us – Aké greatly overpasses that.

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Although his height is only 180 cm, his Jumping rate is an amazing 88. His other high ratings are Standing Tackle (84), Def Awareness (83), Sliding Tackle (82), and Heading Accuracy (80). Nathan Aké doesn’t have any PlaySkills.

Like any Dutchman, Ake loves having his national teammates around, such as Virgil van Dijk. Also, if you pair him with his Manchester City teammate Josko Gvardiol, you will get a perfect defending duo, that complement each other.

Aurelien Tchouameni

Another Real Madrid player on this list. His price varies from 3.700 to 4.000 coins. Tchouameni (23) is a classic box-to-box midfielder, which means he performs his defensive and attacking duties on an equal level and quality.

Image by Electronic Arts

Physicality, passing, and defending are his strongest assets. Shot Passing (85), Jumping (84), Interceptions (84), and Long Passing (84) are Tchouameni’s highest ratings. He has seven PlayStylesLong Ball Pass, Jockey, Intercept, Anticipate, Bruiser, Relentless, and Aerial.

Note that you can upgrade Aurelien Tchouameni’s overall rating to 87 if you use the Centurions Box-to-Box Midfielder Evolution. Also, he plays best if you pair him with Real Madrid or France national team players.

Ansu Fati

Once Barcelona‘s great hope, he is now one of the cheaper players in EA FC 24, with just 700 coins needed to sign him. Currently on loan at Brighton & Hove Albion, Fati can play as a striker or as a left winger/midfielder.

Image by Electronic Arts

He is an exceptionally fast player – Acceleration is 91, and Sprint Speed is 87. From other ratings, there are Agility (89), Balance (83), and Composure (82). Fati’s PlayStyles are Rapid, Quick Step, and Trivela.

Fati is another player eager to prove himself. If you use his full potential, you might get what Barcelona has been waiting for – a new “number ten“. I must not dare to say Messi’s possible successor…

Kim Min Jae

Bayern Munich‘s starting center-back can be bought for a surprising 3.800 to 4.300 coins. Kim Min Jae (27) also plays on a regular basis for the national team of South Korea.

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What is noticeable is that the Korean defender is 190 cm tall, but his Jumping is only 83. He compensates for that with Strength (88) and Def Awareness (86). From his defending ratings, Standing Tackle (87), Interceptions (85), and Sliding Tackle (85). His PlayStyles include Power Header, Intercept, Slide Tackle, and Aerial.

With his exceptional defending skills, look to pair Kim Min Jae with an equally capable center-back. Also, he’d like to have a fellow Korean by his side, so consider splashing the cash on Son Heung-min.

Marcos Llorente

One player from the other side of Madrid, playing for Diego Simeone’s Atletico. He can be signed for 3.700 to 4.000 coins. Llorente (28) can cover up to three positions – central midfielder, right back, and right winger.

Image by Electronic Arts

Acceleration (87) and Sprint Speed (91) make him an extremely fast player. His Stamina is 91, Jumping and Shot Power is 84. From PlayStyles, Llorente has Power Shot, Whipped Pass, Rapid, Quick Step, and Relentless.

I personally used Llorente most often as a midfielder, but many players play him at right back and say it gave excellent results. So, the advice is to analyze your team and then decide where the Spaniard fits.

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