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With so many Archetypes to choose from in Remnant 2, it can be tough knowing where to start. Depending on whether or not you are playing solo or with friends, your Build will be something that required work from the get-go. From the journey to unlocking your perfect Secondary Archetype to levelling up its Archetype Level to gain important upgrades for specific Perks, the Build needs to be thought out before you begin the necessary grind for success. The Alchemist Archetype is a unique support role that can both stack damage, increase crit chances and offer a ton of healing opportunities. So what is the best Alchemist Build to use in Remnant 2? This is Vincent’s guide on the matter.

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Best Alchemist Build in Remnant 2

The Alchemist is one of those Archetypes that require a longer method to unlocking its unique item for Engram crafting in Ward 13. In order to get the Alchemist, players need to head Losomn and locate the giant sewage drains where an event should initiate through the investigation of each drain. Although this scene can happen randomly and by no specific order or particular drain to stand nearby, the Manticora will nab you and pull you into a new area in which you will need to defeat to get the Philospoher’s Stone. This can then be taken to Wallace in Ward 13 to get the Alchemist Archetype.

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With the Alchemist you will want to figure out what you want to use as the Primary Archetype in Remnant 2. Although you can begin with one of the 4 base Archetypes and move on to unlocking another via their Engram, meaning you will have to spend more Lumenite Crystals and Scrap to unlock, you may uncover a Build better than the one we recommend below.

Alchemist and Medic Build Summary

The best Build of choice we went for is the Alchemist and Medic Build. This character will be the most supportive role ever crafted in Remnant 2. With the ability to increase damage with the Invigorated Perk from the Medic, the Alchemist can either reduce damage taken by 25% with the Stone Mist Skill or increase fire rate and reload speed by 20% similar to the Gunslinger for its Frenzy Dust Skill. What is crazy about these two Archetypes when combined is the added 25% damage with Liquid Courage Perk of the Alchemist once upgraded at Level 6.

Not only will this Build provide the much needed support for those playing solo or with friends by being able to passively heal or revive any downed players, but it also offers a massive buff in damage through the Perk use alone. For those playing solo we actually recommend the Stone Mist Vial as your Prime Perk, making the Alchemist your Primary Archetype. But those playing co-op may have better luck with the Elixir of Life to be the ultimate supportive system in the game where your teammates can provide damage throughout the round without worrying about getting downed.

Due to the overall increase of 50% damage with Invigorated and Liquid Courage, we recommend utilizing Mods such as Hot Shot, Corrosive Rounds, Concussive Shot or Skewer 2.0. There are a lot of high damage options for weapon mods and these should definitely be used for your Alchemist Build.

When deciding what weapon to use, anything is really viable with this Build so long as you match its strength with a Mod that works with it. With the Build being based on stacking damage and crit chance, you will want to choose a weapon based on that fact and use a Mod that works with the weapon based on range, crit chance and elemental damage.

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