Best Enchantments in Minecraft - All Armor, Bows, Pickaxes and Tridents
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Best Enchantments in Minecraft – All Armor, Bows, Pickaxes and Tridents

These are the best Minecraft enchantments for armor, bows, pickaxes and tridents!
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Minecraft is designed to let your mind and imagination wander. Regardless of whether you enjoy mining, building or fighting, using enchantments on your gear is one of the most important aspects in the game. Since an enchanted weapon or tool can greatly enhance its effectiveness, and therefore, ability to help you build, or survive.

Taking this into account, these are some of the best Minecraft enchantments for armor, bows, pickaxes, and tridents.

Best Enchantments in Minecraft – All Armor, Bows, Pickaxes, and Tridents


  1. Protection – Simply put, Protection is an absolute necessity for every piece of armor you own. This is because it provides each piece of equipment with a plus-four additional boost in points. That means this Minecraft enchantment will decrease the amount of damage you receive in battle.
  2. Mending – Mending can really be used for any tool or weapon, but it’s especially useful for armor. This enchantment essentially allows your gear to replenish its durability by absorbing the XP dropped by each mob. Meaning that your gear will naturally last longer without you having to waste valuable resources.
  3. Thorns – Lastly, there are Thorns. Which is a Minecraft enchantment that deals damage to opponents who melee attack you. Similar to other enchantments, the higher the level of enchantment the more damage you will unleash on anybody who tries to attack you.


  1. Infinity – If you fancy the bow and arrow technique in battle, then you need to use the Infinity enchantment. So long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory, Infinity will provide you with unlimited ammo for your bow. Not only is this handy if you get caught in battle, but arrows are also surprisingly hard to find. So, having unlimited arrows at your disposal is certainly an advantage.
  2. Power – Another essential enchantment for bows is Power. Which basically unleashes excessive damage with every arrow you get on target. This Minecraft enchantment probably won’t work too well if you’re not a pinpoint archer. But once you’ve got the accuracy down, it’s probably the most effective enchantment in the game for bows.
  3. Punch – Finally, there’s Punch. Which effectively sends your opponent further back with each strike. This is ideal for creating space between you and your enemy or even knocking them out of the vicinity entirely. Making it an incredibly convenient enchantment to add to your repertoire.


  1. Sharpness – Pickaxes can be used for mining or killing mobs. Regardless of the situation, having a sharper axe is incredibly handy. With the Sharpness enchantment, your pickaxe will deal far more damage per swing (1.25 extra damage, to be exact). Meaning that you can kill mobs quicker and easier. Or break down wood faster and more efficiently.
  2. Fortune – Fortune is another extremely useful Minecraft enchantment for pickaxes, and for good reason. With this enchantment, you will be able to gather more resources from specific types of blocks. For example, when you’re mining iron ore, you typically receive just one raw iron. However, with Fortune, you can get up to four raw iron blocks at a time. Making it especially useful when you’re mining rarer materials like diamonds or nether quartz.
  3. Silk Touch – With a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe, you can pick up several blocks at once instead of just the raw materials. This makes mining things like ores, and stone a lot easier. However, many players opt to use the Fortune enchantment instead since you can only use one or the other and not both.


  1. Loyalty – It’s no secret that tridents are one of the best weapons in Minecraft. So, enchanting a trident is one of the best ways to deal a significant amount of damage to your opponent. With the Loyalty enchantment, your trident will return to you immediately after you throw it. Allowing you to use it as both a melee and long-range weapon.
  2. Channeling – Channeling is another very powerful Minecraft enchantment when used correctly. Allowing you to strike lightning down upon your opponent when you go to throw your trident. The downside to this enchantment is that it can only be used when there’s a thunderstorm and when your enemy is exposed to the open sky. If you are able to pull it off, it will turn Creepers into Charger Creepers, Villagers into Witches, Pigs into Zombified Piglins, and Mooshrooms into opposite-colored Mooshrooms.
  3. Riptide – Last but not least we have Riptide. Which is one of the quickest methods of transportation in Minecraft. So long as you are standing in water, rain, or snow, you can throw the Riptide-enchanted trident and instantly teleport to wherever it lands.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the best Minecraft enchantments for armor, bows, pickaxes, and tridents. If you found this information helpful, don’t forget to check out our guides section for more breakdowns of other popular gaming titles.

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