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Top 5 Best D&D 5e Rogue Race Ideas

Get ready to roll for sneak attack!

For generations, Dungeons & Dragons has been a beloved tabletop game. In D&D, you can create your own character class, and the customization options are nearly limitless. If you like the thrill of thievery, the adrenaline of assassinating a wicked monarch, or even the rush of cheating during a high steaks game of cards, the rogue is the class for you. Rogues in 5e are the stealthy stabby damage dealers we’re all familiar with, and they’re usually always a good pick for rounding out your party.

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Here are our top 5 best D&D 5e rogue race ideas for becoming the finest adventurer you can be, whether you’re a party face in town or a high-damage assassin in battle.

5. Human

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Humans are the most balanced race in D&D but what we want for the rogue build is the Variant Human. While other races may be more suitable, the Variant Human is one of the best. The main reason for this is that they are so adaptable. As a result, the Variant Human has one of the most potent level-one builds.

According to the standard D&D rules, as a Variant Human, you can increase two different ability scores of your choice by one and gain proficiency in one more skill of your choice. We propose putting these bonus points in the Constitution and Dexterity. Furthermore, you can select a feat at level one, giving you an advantage straight away. You also gain additional skills, which might help you create one of the best level-one classes in D&D if you choose wisely.

4. Kobold

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The Kobold, both the classic and modernized Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse version, is an excellent race for a rogue. The standard Kobold with a modified origin gains +2 Dex and Darkvision, making it a perfect starting point.

Playing as a Kobold Rogue, you can use your familiar creature to aid you in battle. This gives you an immediate edge on your rolls, courtesy of Pack Tactics. You can utilize your sneak attack to deliver massive damage or create a crit fisher build. All you need to watch out for is your Sunlight Sensitivity. However, if you apply the Pack Tactics correctly, this should be no problem.

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3. Halfling

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Due to their +2 dexterity, Halfling Nimbleness, and, of course, the Lucky trait, Halfling is a standard rogue pick. This makes our tiny pals the ideal choice for your basic stabby stealthy type rogue. However, we recommend that you choose Lightfoot as your sub-race. This grants you access to Naturally Stealthy, allowing you to utilize your giant burly paladin or barbarian as a hideout, potentially leading to more sneak attacks or other tricks in battle.

2. Elf

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Elves, particularly High Elves, excel at melee rogue because they have access to a wizard cantrip of your choice, and what better choice than Booming Blade? This spell can be pretty powerful early on and exists primarily to offer an additional d8 to your already powerful sneak attacks. The cantrip also scales, making it helpful even at higher levels, and at the fifth level, it will add 1d8 to your attack on top of the damage inflicted when the target moves. This scales to the 17th level, where the total damage is a monstrous 7d8.

1. Gnome

deep gnome
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If you want a rogue that is a little more unique, the Deep Gnome Race is a wonderful choice. The Deep Gnome possesses not only excellent Dexterity but also a plethora of other valuable abilities. As a rogue of this race, you gain 120 feet of Darkvision and the ability to disguise yourself. This allows you to ambush your opponents and flee undetected.

You can also use the Svirfneblin Camouflage to improve your stealth abilities. Deep Gnomes also have Gnomish Magic Resistance, which provides you with additional defensive skills. Finally, the Deep Gnome Race is a top-tier option for a rogue in 5e D&D if you want to make a sneaky character who can hit hard from an ambush.

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